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  1. The problem I had with scan direct was that is was SLOW in comparison. So I would scan a document, and have to wait a minute or more (checking the screen) until Evernote had finished. Scanning direct to an Evernote import folder is MUCH faster.
  2. Scanning to a folder, from which Evernote imports works great. (I also setup a dedicated PDF printer that prints to that folder.) The problem is that Scansnap's "Scan to Folder" will ALWAYS prompt for a filename. This video shows the needed change - change to Scan to file (choose a default directory) or "none" (depending on the version of ScanSnap) http://www.documentsnap.com/stop-scansnap-from-prompting-you-when-you-scan/ No more prompts! Files scan into the folder and Evernote slurps them up!
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