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  1. Ditto - Methinks they have lost their way in forgetting 'productivity' and 'efficiency' apps aren't best served by adding an extra click just for the sake of it.
  2. Evernote Staff - I finally found this post after googling for a fix after days of not being able to log in. Don't you think prior notification or closed environment testing prior to your 'update' would have been a thought? I mean, we pay good money for this product FFS - or at least we did until I join the mass exodus and transition to an alternative product following your V10 update utter garbage.
  3. Great - EverCrap does it again. Uninstalled the Win 10 desktop app after V10 render it unusable due to slow speed. Now can't use the Web version all week on either Edge, Firerfox or Chrome with the same problem as above. What exactly am I paying for?
  4. Same thing is happening to me: Win 10 Home Version 2004. Build 20180.1 I honestly didn't believe Evernote could go further backwards, but this new PC app is slow, buggy and atrocious... on the rare occasion its not crashing.
  5. Nice to see in 2020 this is still an issue. Only found this problem as I was doing a full "clean house" in my evernote which I used to go paperless back in 2017 and set up many email to rules and scan to rules. Couldn't understand why there was so much misfiled stuff! Oh well another reason I am glad to be cleaning up in preparation to move.
  6. Evernote is dead, as attested to by this vitally important and easy request having been on the go since 2015 with no action, acknowledgement or response from Evernote in that time. No way they are going to be taken seriously as a business tool anymore for this (are you really going to open Evernote in front of a client when you can't control the initial screen and notes they see?) and the many other associated problems that have persisted for so long.
  7. Yes, what you say does indeed make sense. As a user for a similar amount of time, but likewise being on the receiving end of so many bugs and poor performance, I suppose these posts are my last ditch attempt to yell "hey Evernote, pull the finger out cause I really don't want to abandon, but am close to.
  8. Very disappointing. This issue was raised as being a problem in the windows desktop as well. Basically precludes Evernote from being used professionally or taken seriously in that context as with modern screen sharing style meetings, who wants to pull up a note when the audience is going to see every other note you've recently been working on or clipping for.. perhaps for a competitor account. Wasn't there question by Evernote of having a separate 'work' and 'personal' profiles?
  9. Came here to post exactly this problem which is driving crazy and furious that I have lost some important docs. Since the Outlook Evernote clipper NEVER works I resorted to forwarding emails to the so called evenote upload email address that supposedly allows me to clip just about anything. Only realised far too late (after deletion) that none of the pdf attachments were being kept by Evernote. Its not the winmail.dat issue as the body of the email is fine, its just there is an empty box where the attached pdf 'should' be. Evernote is really going from invaluable (went entirely paperless with evernote as the core) to utter ***** this year (email notes doesnt work, outlook clipper doesn't work and cant be reinstalled without uninstall / reinstall entire evernote desktop etc).
  10. Came on here to post exactly this. As a long-time user I keep pushing the use "new" web interface button.. only to find I know can't multiple select or merge notes. The "new" version seems like a big step backwards. I am fortunate in being able to switch back to the original view as I can't stand the new.
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