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  1. This is specific to the Windows app, but most of these apply to other OS versions of Evernote as well: Allow in-line title editing in notes list view - After using evernote daily for a year, I still constantly try to change titles by clicking on them in the list view. This is much more intuitive than modifying them only in note view. auto-resize PDFs/jpgs to fit whole image to window - In the current implementation, you have to do a lot of scrolling to see what a large image or PDF is all about. Although they are scaled within the window horizontally, they are not vertically. Result? I only see the top quarter of most images and pdfs. Simple solution? Default should be to fit-to-window any image in a note. Allow dynamic resizing of jpgs within notes - Cumbersome large images remain cumbersome and large with no recourse to shrink them. The ability to drag-and-resize is ubiquitous in windows apps now; feels antiquated that you can't do this in the windows evernote app. Easy toggle between jpeg and attachment views - Toggle between inline and attachment views of pdfs and jpegs is buried as a checkbox under the notes option dialogue. PDFs thankfully allow a right-click toggle. Need this same capability for jpegs and other images. Auto delete mistakenly-created tags - Mis-typed a tag? It's created and in your giant inventory of tags unless you go find it and manually delete it, even if you catch the mistake, delete the tag from the note immediately, and the tag is not linked with any other notes. Why not an optional dialogue box "you are deleting a tag that is not linked to any other notes. Do you want to delete the tag completely from evernote?" Display MS documents (word/Excel/powerpoint) inline in note - It's fascinating to me that this feature already works in non-Windows versions of the software, but doesn't work on the Microsoft platform version. BTW, as with the easy toggle above, once you allow Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents to appear inline in notes view, you'll need to make sure they auto resize to fit-to-window by default, allow easy resizing, and allow for easy toggling between in-line and attachment view. Allow control of default snippet image - It's neat to have a visual view using snippets, but it's not really valuable unless you give the user control of what image is displayed. I know there's a workaround, but it's impractical. The ideal solution is to be able to right click on any image in a note and set it as the default image for snippet view.
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