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  1. I have set up the following Notebooks: To-Do List - Action To Be Taken - 01 (I have one note in which I put a date, then action to be taken) To-Do List - Action To Be Taken - 02 (Where I keep all the e-mails to do with the actions to be taken) To-Do List - Awaiting Responses - 01 (I have one note in which I put all the actions I have taken from the above note and change the date to one when I expect an answer by, so I can follow up if no response) (When I come to check the responses, I put a new date if I have sent a reminder or a new response is required. If the action is complete, I move the action to the following Notebook - To-Do List - No Further Action - 01 note. I keep them for a period in case I need to refer to the note again. To-Do List Awaiting Responses - 02 (Where I move all the e-mails from the above Notebook that have been actioned and I am awaiting a response) (One I have finished with the action, I move the e-mail(s) to the Notebook To-Do List - No Further Action - 02. After a while it is worth reviewing if you need to keep the e-mail(s) I have also set up two further Notebooks - To-Do List - Publications To Read - 01 in which I put links for blogs, newsfeeds etc and To-Do List - Publications to Read - 02 where I attach documents that I need to read in relation to any projects I have on the go. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi Cal Just to let you know that going the database folder route worked, so thank you! Also, the last suggestion is only available to premium users, not plus ones. But, much appreciated for all your help and patience!
  3. Hi Cal Thank you for your reply. I use Windows 8.1 and Word 2013. Please explain your suggestion as I am not technical and do not understand where I would find any of the sections you mention!!! So, step by step guidance please. I am a Evernote Plus subscriber. Thanks.
  4. I have been working on a word document which I had attached in a note, making comments on it. When I closed it down, it disappeared from the note. Any suggestions as to where it might have gone? I need it to send to someone. Thanks.
  5. I have Windows 8.1 and Evernote Plus. Can I access Evernote Touch and then can everything navigates to it from Evernote Plus? If so, what is the process?
  6. I have sent a load of e-mails to a stack which I wish to put in various notebooks but not have them show up under the stack. Is there a way of doing this? I use Evernote Plus. Greg
  7. Hi I am new to Evernote. Recently, I have set up a number of Notes, but I would like them to be in a specific order. Any suggestions as the pull-down list does not allow you to organise them the way you wished to? Thanks.
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