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  1. I would like to suggest the following for the new version: - the columns are adjustable (like in the old version) - the left column is often too narrow and the main body has wasted space; - when using the simplified version (which I like), it would be good that when it transfers to Evernote, it fills in the whole space and not just the centre; - I would find it helpful if there could be a fourth level of stacking; - it would be helpful if the middle column listing the titles of the notes reverts to the way the old version was (that is the first few lines of the note are not shown) - it makes it easier to move notes from one folder to another and to see more of the number of notes you have; - the cursor that is used to go up and down the list of notes - it would be helpful if after looking at a specific note, the cursor does not go back to the top of the page, but stays where you last left it; - when typing a title for a note, a way needs to be found to stop the cursor moving to a second line after a few seconds if you have stopped writing; - it would be good if there was an undo button if you have deleted something in error; - I like the choice one has as to the type of presentation (article, simplified etc) - it would be good if you could adjust the borders to wherever you want
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