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  1. hi gbarry, can you tell me if the hackers searched within my site while on EN? If so, was that before EN had a chance to reset the password? Also, if they did, can you tell me what they searched for so I can look at the information they may have seen? Do you know how quickly EN reset my p/w ? Can you tell me where the IP was located? I was in NM during part of that time. Do we know what they were looking for and your other clients that were hacked were hacked by the same person?
  2. Thank you very much gbarry. I now have less confidence in EN since I have not been able to speak with anyone directly to understand the situation. I do not understand how someone could have accessed my site except thru EN which is another reason I would like to speak to a technical person for a reasonable explanation. I have some questions also about securing my data such as is there a two step validation for encryption offered to users. Thanks for helping me. Cynthia
  3. Hi Rich, I'm writing you again this evening. I have been able to get into my old account. So I have my information available to me. I do not know what a personal developer token is or how to find it. I did look under settings and went to applications. i don't see what you are referring to. Can you tell me what it is? I recently was in NM and went into Evernote, could that be the difference in location of IP?
  4. Hi Rich, I revoked my devices but now I cannot log in and EN is saying there is no account found and a new account has to be created. Please let me know how to deal with this as soon as possible. Also, what is a personal developer token and where is it under Settings. I don't know what you are referring to...can you explain further please? Thank you.
  5. I received the email security warning about my account and immediately changed my p/w. I went to my Evernote history however do not see anything irregular and only my own logins and IP addresses. Nothing visible that was suspicious. I contacted Chat and asked to be told the date and time of the suspicious activity. I was told that there has been suspicious activity but could not get when it happened from the chat agent. I was then told that since I did not see anything suspicious then it was probably a precautionary email!!! This brief communication did not a
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