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  1. I am a windows desktop dev, and I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure ALT-F4 is hard-wired in the Win32 system to trigger a "close window" event...in Microsoft .NET Winforms and WPF applications (their desktop app platforms), you actually have to do work to "opt-out" of ALT-F4 closing a window (since it's low-level OS that catches and responds to the event). So it's pretty standard and safe bet to support, even more so than ALT-W I think?
  2. YUP - ChrisNZL - bingo. I couldn't figure out why I kept *instinctively* hitting ESC. Having the @#$%& note closed without so much as a warning is always so jarring, I could never remember the reason I'd hit ESC in the first place. It's to de-select some selected text, or to close the search bar I'd invoked by hitting CTRL-F, or whatever. Casually hitting (even spamming) the ESC key to back out of whatever ancillary operation(s) you've invoked and return to the primary use-case of your application (in Evernote's case, TYPING ON A NOTE) is instinctive for many Windows users, and for use
  3. Only a yellow highlighter? WHUUUT? Come on, Evernote. +1
  4. +1 for us also. Would love to see ability to add link to a tag that would issue a search for that tag.
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