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  1. @kstenson... i've found a go-around, around this. i also wanted specific images as the main image for each note, as it makes it much easier to select the note based on the thumbnail. and yes, as i added additional pics to that note, the thumbnail would change in many instances. what i've seen is, the largest pic (in terms of dimensions, file size etc) in your note, will be chosen as the thumbnail. so although it is sometimes time consuming and tedious, when i have new pics to add to a note, i always make sure the size is not i.e., the standard 2mb size snapped via my phone. i resize pics i want to add to the note to smaller web dimensions (i.e. 640 x 480), and then i attach them to the note. but for my main image to i.d. and thumbnail the note, i always make sure it has larger dimensions and file size. and it has worked for me so far 100%, that the largest pic will be the thumbnail pic. an additional thing i do is, i put that largest pic at the very very bottom of the note, where it is "out of the way" and allows me working space at the top of the note. or, you can also visually resize it and leave it at the top of the note, but i like room at the top of the note to work, and i don't need the main picture staring at me right from there.
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