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  1. I switched from the app to a browser to see if I could find information about the error message on forums/Google. When I returned to the app a few minutes later, the message was gone. I didn't want to confirm activity, I wanted more info... Would clicking Confirm Activity have given me that information or simply dismissed the dialog? Not enough information in the dialog to know, which is why I went searching for more info. Anyway, as you say, probably a gaff on Evernote's part. But a developer somewhere wrote that error message and assigned only one button to that dialog, and I think they overthought the friendly, snappy message (You've been busy!) without thinking through scenarios (or data thresholds?) where that dialog might be deployed. Wouldn't be the first time Evernote has gone for pretty over properly conceived user interaction scenarios (new Penultimate user interface rollout debacle). My response was 95% badly-conceived dialog-5% security breach, but I know my elderly mother would assume her personal info (nowhere near Evernote) had been hacked and her life savings were being drained away as she helplessly tapped Confirm Activity. I do think detected increases in activity will be best handled by emailing the account holder, especially because activity in one app could be mistakenly notified in another, as seems to have happened here. Users can ignore the email if they know what's going on or do something if they don't. But users definitely need more information and options, and a dialog can/should only deliver so much information.
  2. Evernote wanting to confirm activity when there's a significant amount of data being uploaded is perfectly sensible, but it needs to be done right. Did you look at the error message I posted, it's not a Yes/No dialog, there is only one option, "Confirm Activity". Evernote is effectively saying "We think your account has been hijacked, have you been using it a lot?" without providing any way of dealing with the situation if there has been a security breach. So imagine this current level of activity wasn't me and I suspect my account has been hijacked, how do I deal with that? The only option this message gives me is to say it was me. The message is pointless because I can only confirm something I don't necessarily want to confirm. I need more information. I can't see what the extra activity was, I can't see what Evernote has labelled as busy. What I had done that evening: Edit about half a dozen text-only notes in Evernote, adding them to or removing them from my shortcuts list. That's it, that was all I had done all day. And I usually do more in a day. In this context, there's two things wrong with the message: 1. It comes up in Penultimate, where I've done nothing at all for over a day. The message does not mention Evernote. 2. There's only the one option, to confirm the activity. I think this could be handled better by emailing the account holder when there's a significant change in activity. Otherwise the person who stole an iPad and is now wantonly uploading data to Evernote is just going to click Confirm Activity and go on filling up Evernote's servers with pixels.
  3. I opened the penultimate app, first time today, my last use of it was yesterday, and I received this message: Well, actually, I have been busy, but not in Penultimate, so what on earth is this message about? And how do I not confirm it? Really, the least helpful user message I can recall ever seeing. Major fail.
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