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  1. This exactly I don't have the time to do that. I'm looking at over 300 notebooks...
  2. Hello all, I'm trying to figure out how to convert all my notebooks and stacks to offline (local) mode. Is there a way to do this for an entire account? Aside from going manually and doing it individually for each notebook? I have way too many notebooks to manually do it.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like I formed a bad habit from the get-go of right clicking "notebooks" and "create notebook". This option doesn't give the prompt as mentioned in the knowledge base: "When you create a new notebook, you'll have the option to set the notebook type to local notebook.". Whereas, File\New Notebook will in fact give the option for local storage. Cant believe I overlooked that for so long...
  4. Just created one using the local notebook option and it went in with all the other notebooks...How do you differentiate the local from the online?
  5. I see no option anywhere to set my notes as "local". I cant imagine using it this long and not being aware of that...
  6. I have completed Restructuring my EN. I have an open ticket which I may cancel if the contents of this post is sufficient. Don't want anyone utilizing anymore time in regards to this matter unless you guys want to. In summary: - User does not ever use the Sync Option. Prefers to keep local. 1.Updated to latest build on Tuesday the 5th 2. After update, Was given error (see post #4) after trying to move current files in my EN and also when trying to simply move/copy files within EN. 3.After trying many times ( including reboots and closing program out) could still not upload or copy any data. 4. Initialized Sync in an attempt to have my EN communicate with main EN server in order to release the data quota lock. After a couple seconds the program became unresponsive and I had to eventually kill the program. 5. Termination of the program during the sync cycle caused me to lose 1000 (half of my notes) notes. They were deleted in either the sync process or the crash. 6. I had a backup of the entire account but had to manually restore the notes and also had to recreate many of the Notebooks and Stacks which were deleted. 7. During the restoration process I was once again treated to the error in #4. 8. Today I risked it again in an attempt to release the data limit quota: Sync's EN for about 5 seconds, killed my internet connection. EN did not become unresponsive during the 5 seconds of sync.I closed EN, reconnected to the internet, opened EN again and everything was still in place. So it seems that EN still does needs permission/authentication in order for premium members to add data in situations where using the program offline for extended periods. Also, please try to write for a future release something in code that would at least give us the option to keep Notebooks and stacks in tact during an export of "Notebooks". Thanks to everyone who posted to help try to resolve this. You have all been great and your time and effort is greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks Charboyd, Can you confirm if this will work to keep my current setup with notes, notebooks and stacks after trying to sync: 1:navigate to the app data folder and copy and backup which files? 2:Sync to internet, cut connection and hope the proper data is submitted to the EN server to resolve my quota limit issue. 3: if syncing results in data loss again, navigate to the app data folder again and restore the files from earlier that I copied? If this will work , please let me know which files to back up.
  8. I need to also know how to export my Notebooks WITH Stacks...Exporting notebooks and stacks only saves the notes themselves...
  9. If you share your ticket # I'd be happy to take a closer look! Hi Charvoyd, I'm no longer able to add or even move any files within EN without getting the aforementioned error in reply #4. Seems as if there is still a quota limitation (which I have logged and attached) which is denying me any further actions within the program. Just to clarify, I have not yet chosen the option so sync in an attempt to clear the limitation from my account. I have not done this as I don't want to risk losing data again (I prefer to keep everything local). Please check out the attached log. If you can suggest a temp fix, even an registry edit, anything will help just so I can get everything back in place without losing anymore time. The first (closed) ticket is1054518. I have not received a new ticket for yesterdays request. New Text Document (2).txt
  10. I did reach out to support again, although I have not yet heard back from anyone. Yesterdays support request was marked as completed with something along the lines of "Unlimited user confirms valid usage." Anyways I'm about halfway through restructuring everything. Sync is totally out of the question until I get everything back the way it was and backed up. Thanks again for following up, it's greatly appreciated.
  11. So here I am once again trying to get my files in order and without even uploading a single new file Im getting the same damn message again: Seriously??? I cant even move files from one notebook to another without having it sync????
  12. Thank you Gazumped for your reply. The database file has been modified already and is much smaller than my previous enex file, so im assuming that the data has been permanently lost. Is there a way to at least recoved the notebooks and stacks in any of the files in the database directory? Looks like i have a lot of work ahead of me...
  13. I dont use EN to sync anything .Ever. But today I was forced to sync and update after being given an error stating my data limit was reached even though I am a premium member. So I updated to the latest build (Win 7-64) and still got the error any time I tried to upload a new item. Then I sync'd and now I can upload but lost over 1000 documents! Why should I have to sync if I'm already a premium member? I just lost over half my work and it's not online in my account. So now to make matters worse. I tried to back up my data from my last export and all that did was throw all my files in 1 stack... Please tell me there is a solution to this..
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