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  1. Hi, I did look at Evernote via the web on my laptop and the large reports had not uploaded to the Evernote server. So I looked again at the saving process in Easybooks and have noticed that there are in fact two icons available during the saving process, one says just "Evernote", and the other " open in Evernote". When I use the former the big reports will not save, when I use the latter there is no problem with saving the big reports! I do not recall there being two options previously but perhaps there has been an automatic software upload and without realising I started to use the new option. Anyway problem seems to be solved as long as I remember to use the correct icon. Thanks for your advice an interest in this problem, Regards, James.
  2. Thanks, are you suggesting that the files may be being synced to the Evernote server, but then because of limitations on the iPad are then unable sync back to Evernote app on it? I can look at Evernote.com on my laptop and presumably log in there. I am not sure how to "see what is being synced to the server", but will have a look. Regards, James.
  3. Thanks, I am using an ipad app for both Easybooks and Evernote on the same ipad. Surely if it is just a time thing then the attempts I have already made last night would by now have appeared in evernote? In any case I have just tried it again. When you touch the evernote icon on the save options, a small Evernote window pops up in the screen, and the name of the report appears, you touch the word save, and a winder appears for a few seconds and then a small image of the file with a black part across the bottom flashes up briefly, before the Evernote window dissappears altogether. I left it five mins and checked - no report in Evernote! Regards, James.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your response. I use an accounts app called Easybooks on my Ipad. You can send reports to Evernote if that is also an app on the laptop, You can also email reports as attachments, which I have done and the report is now on my laptop and looks fine with no errors. The size is shown as 1mb. When I try to save to Evernote I tap the Evernote icon and then a window pops up with the report on it and the option to save. When I do this it appears to start to save and then the window just dissappears but when opening Evernote the report is not there. I followed exactly the same procedure with the half files and everything looked just the same and the files then appear in evernote!? Any ideas?
  5. I have been using Evernote to file my accounting reports from Easybooks. Mostly The reports are small but once a year I need to file the Audit report which is relatively large, (but less than 1mb I think). I have found it will not save as one file, I have to split it into two six months files and then it saves fine as two reports. Is this correct? Is there some limit on file size. I know I am well below the I GB allowance for the basic free package. Any help appreciated? James.
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