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  1. Same here - crashing on 4S. Sure did love CardMunch...
  2. It looks like Evernote offers live chat support to premium members. Can one of you premium members who have posted in this thread try to contact Evernote directly? Or better yet, ALL of you who are premium members? Make some noise, then post back here and tell us how it went. The link is https://evernote.com/contact/support/ticket/?uid=19387&em=fredphillips2002%40yahoo.com&sla=f368c7a8d&un=fredphillips&createdate=20080321
  3. Same problem here. I'm not a premium user; has Evernote ever stated b-card scanning is for premium only? And if it's not working for you guys, I'd hesitate to upgrade to premium anyway. Any clue from Evernote when they're going to fix this?
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