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  1. Just to clarify..... "I have never complained when a company brings out new features on free software and asks users to pay for them" - this was badly worded I admit but I meant it to say "pay for those additional new features without affecting the previous functionality". We'll see how things pan out. I should also have said I am quite happy using Evernote but in my case it is only of minor use to me to save the odd few bits and pieces of "stuff". Emailing that "stuff" to myself was convenient as I don't need or use any of the "business" or more advanced features. However I have discovered "Scannable" which can cover for the lack of email option - hopefully that isn't intended to become a "paid" feature in future.
  2. "There's a whole lot of "I would pay for Evernote but..." posts by those protesting the move of this feature from free. Which sounds an awful lot like "I want what I want but don't want to pay a few bucks for it." As Nancy (Evernote employee) posted above, there have been many increases to the free service as well as features moved from paid to free. The complainers always seem to have a reason why they think they shouldn't have to pay for something that they use often." BurgersNFries I am happy for you if you may be one of those lucky enough to afford unlimited subscriptions on all your software unlike some of us who are on very limited incomes. I need to make strict choices on what I can and can't afford. So yes I will complain when something that was previously given away for free suddenly is no longer. It is of course Evernote's entitlement to change their rules but I was pointing out that many companies have upset sections of their user base in these sorts of ways at their peril in the past. Evernote obviously made the business decision in opening their doors to have a free model and to want to carry free users (I would suggest that this is a very large section of their users otherwise they could have limited the number of notes you could have as a free user or similar). I doubt they want to lose all those free users overnight and find them switching over to competing software. Once you lose a potential customer you rarely get them back without it costing you a hell of a lot more than it would have to keep them in the first place. As I also said I would be quite happy to pay a modest "one-off" fee for the functionalities I want in Evernote but many of us cannot afford ongoing annual subscriptions for every bit of software we have running on our PC's. This is why I will choose free (with paid advertising or whatever) over subscription based models providing the software does what I want and without hassles. I currently pay subscriptions for my Antivirus (because I believe it is better than the free versions and they only sell it by subscription) and for a password manager (but will be reviewing the free options for password managers at the end of my subscription because at the time I subscribed there was not as much choice as there is now). I can confidently state that I will "never ever" purchase the subscription based Office 365 or pay a subscription for a Windows operating system for that matter if Microsoft ever tries to go down that path. I have never complained when a company brings out new features on free software and asks users to pay for them as has been the case with Evernote's new premium features. I then have a choice as to whether I do or don't pay for a feature I am not already using. But I do feel annoyed when it is done in the way Evernote has done this. And yes, I will whinge and complain in forums like these to give companies feedback on the effects their decisions have caused on some of their users. Evernote should be happy that free users give them feedback in their forums (both good and bad) because companies offering free models need to consider ALL their user base when making impacting decisions like this one.
  3. I would be happy to pay a (small) one-off fee for this functionality but I am not going to buy into this ongoing subscription nonsense. Just because Microsoft has tried it on with Office doesn't mean as a User I want it or that other companies should start following suit. We also saw what happened when Microsoft took away our beloved "Start"button in our "best interests". They paid the price and have had to bring out a new operating system just to apologise to users. If Evernote start charging for any other features that are currently free I will look elsewhere. You don't sucker people in with features then hit them with fees once they are onboard or you will lose them - better to have paid advertising from the beginning in that case. Or bring out "must-have" new features and charge for them. It's not rocket science but it avoids p'ing off your existing user-base and it's harder to get them back than to keep them in the first place.
  4. I am not a Premium user but mine was doing the same when I had used the free trial 5 scans (not saving as I hadn't gone Premium). I'd suggest you check that this feature has been enabled for you at Evernote's end and that the business card feature is not still in trial mode.
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