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  1. It's hard to see what one might be losing if one looks at the chart after the fact... Just took a look at the chart again... and AFAIK, @Metrodon has mentioned the only feature that Basic users will lose. *The scanning of business cards has always given Free/ Basic users a period in which to test out the feature. *One can send up to 5 emails now to test the email to Evernote feature. BUT... keep in mind that if one has Gmail and Chrome, you can use the web clipper to clip emails to Evernote just as well (unlimited use). It has some great features specifically in Gmail. Mobile device is another story... Thank you. JMichael's link is useful and gives a much better indication of the feature set of each version. I guess my frustration was due to the fact that I had recently done a comparison between Evernote and OneNote and come down just on the side of Evernote for the implementation of GTD. This implementation took a considerable amount of time and work. To have had to change to OneNote due to the removal of some key (to me) features would have been a pain. Although Evernote doesn't charge for the basic version it is far from free when one takes the time and effort involved in implementaion into account. So while I am gratefull for the free version I think Evernote may have shot themselves in the foot a bit by removing features that people may have become dependant upon. Thanks again to all. Robert
  2. Thank you. I hadn't seen this. Viewing notebooks off line is important to me and as it would seem this is still available on the desktop apps. I'm not bothered about iOS as the iPhone has too small a sceen to make viewing notes from multipe notebooks useful to me.
  3. Thanks but I had looked at this. It's often what things like this don't say that holds the key to what you want to know - hence the post.
  4. I have been an Evernote user for the past 7 years and I think it's a great product. This morning I have reviewed the new pricing plans and it would appear that some of the free features have been moved to a paid for plan. Is this true? And if so, what functionality are free users losing and, if anything, what are they gaining. Thanks for your help. Robert
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