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  1. My Firefox is synced to 3 different devices and the update to Webclipper (new interface etc) has resulted in a tendency for the webclipper to automatically log me out. I am not using any cookies that delete cookies and prior to the update, the webclipper was working perfectly. When I still had Evernote Clearly installed Clearly wouldn't log out, but the Webclipper would.
  2. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. I will have to learn to adapt.
  3. When I am editting a note there are times when I realize that it is in the wrong notebook. I will move the note to the correct notebook only to have that note disappear on me. This annoyance does not occur when I have selected a searched note. Is there an option which allows the note to stay open when it is being manipulated? I understand that the quick-fix is to open up the note separately, but it is a preference issue. When creating new notes, I tend to open the Evernote interface as opposed to the new note dialog. Thank you.
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