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  1. I'm on 10.9.5, and the newest 6.0.12beta (451597 Direct) is working for me.
  2. problem fixed with beta package. will report if there's any other bugs. Thanks developers!
  3. Happens across all notes, new and old, as well as on opening a new note and holding the return key down.
  4. Thanks, this works. I've still go to say though, that It's still pathetic that we need to resort to workarounds like this to allow us to use a product that we pay good money for.
  5. I'm on OSX 10.9.5, Evernote Version 6.0.11. This bug is rendering Evernote useless for me. I'm resorting to copying notes to my old textwrangler app and working on there.
  6. Quick google shows a few are experiencing this. Tried reinstalling, no help. Fix it.
  7. I just got this. This is really irritating. Fix it, evernote.
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