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  1. I have a Note 4. If I use the Samsung Keyboard and select the handwriting option, it will convert to text in Evernote. It's a keyboard function, not Evernote. Instead of the qwerty you get a writing area. Hope that helps.
  2. This works beautifully. Exactly what I was looking for. I can set an Evernote reminder on my phone and it shows up in my browser on my desktop. I can change the time on my phone and it gets synced. Thanks!
  3. MyScript's Smart Note can convert handwriting to text. You can export a converted page at a time to Evernote. No Samsung Note necessary.
  4. I hope you have it working for you now. I made a correction to my earlier post. When I shared an S Note in JPG format with Evernote it was not initially searchable. I was testing another note taking app, Papyrus and did the search, voila, the S Note attachment was searchable. I wonder if the JPG format just takes longer for the "engine" to make it searchable. This still does not solve the inability to edit within Evernote but now opens the door to using the richer features of S Note. I'm pleased!
  5. My palm seems to be ignored in Evernote using the S Pen on my Note 8.0. Once the pen is away from the screen and the "bulls-eye" disappears then it registers any touches. That's unfortunate it isn't working the same for you. My workflow was going to be S Note then share with Evernote, but it doesn't seem to be searchable which is critical for me, and not editable within Evernote. You can mark up with Skitch. For my purposes, writing directly in Evernote seems to be the solution. CORRECTION: Using Share via > Image file (.jpg) does become searchable in Evernote, but there seems to be a long delay. Interesting. I wonder if JPG takes longer for the Evernote search to process. In Papyrus, using Export > PNG is searchable right away but not the JPG. I have found that sharing INKredible notes (no transparency) with Evernote is searchable but not editable within Evernote. You can mark up with Skitch. I learned from a post on this thread that if you use the Samsung keyboard, you can switch to pen mode and it will convert your handwriting to text. For plain text notes, this is wonderful! It recognizes my script quite accurately.
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