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  1. Same problem here. Notes created on MacBookPro won't open on iPhone and the app freezes. Removing indentations would be a big hassle and lessen the usefulness of Evernote for me. This problem was reported here two weeks ago. I sure hope Evernote comes up with a fix soon.
  2. Thank you for that csihilling. So far not a problem for me.
  3. Thank you DTLow! I did not know about Stacks and I did not see that feature in the basic Help FAQ on how to organize notes and notebooks.
  4. I would like to find a way to structure my notes similar to what D-Nick is trying for. And what DTLow suggests, but without having to use Tags. For example, in my traditional paper-based office I have a filing cabinet drawer for Workshops. Within that drawer I have file folders for individual workshops. Within each file folder I have multiple pieces of paper that are the equivalent of notes (lists, maps, research material, etc.) Using Evernote, I want to be able to click on Workshops in the Notebooks section of the sidebar, then click on a workshop name to see all the notes that pe
  5. Reviving this issue. Evernote Mobile really needs a way to Undo. I have a repeated problem with press to Select, then grab the handles to enlarge the selection, and all of a sudden the selected text disappears.
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