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  1. It is unfortunate because if you are trying to document a large project, there's no way around it. You want to keep your notes in an order which may have nothing to do with 'name' or 'update time' or whatever. I'm sure there is project management software out there that can do the job if you want to learn it/purchase it but if you'd like to use Evernote, this is a surprising restriction.
  2. Thanks Robert, I guess that shortcuts are one way to organize notes that allows you to not be restricted in your sorting order (can be done with notebooks as well) but then you lose your whole hierarchal structure (you have all your notes listed in a bunch instead of by notebook/stack). If you plan on documenting some large, complex projects, I'd really much rather work with them in a folder structure. That is a workaround, I do however wish that the program would allow notes to be moved around in the same way that shorcuts can be.
  3. That simple, thanks again. It would be cool for us dummies, to have a 'local notebook' option when creating a new notebook by right-click. Is there any way to sort notes in arbitrary order?
  4. Thanks Chris... I'll just start over and chalk it up to doing something too quickly (or stupidly).
  5. I restarted the windows program and rebooted into the web interface, I guess that should qualify as "entering/leaving" a platform. I have 10 notes in my "Groceries" notebook on win8 and 9 notes on the web interface.The "missing note" happened when the sync from the web => win8 created 2 notes with the same name instead of making the edit. I deleted one of the notes on win8 and now I have 1 note on win8 and 0 on web. And it's stuck there. I could screenshot it to show you. I had onenote/winphone8 syncing like a beast for a year, never a single problem, that combo synced when you breathed on it. This juggernaut program can't do simple syncs properly, just saying.
  6. Just trying the software for the first time with a super-simple task, sync a shopping list between the windows app and web. I have a blackberry q5 also to sync to but I don't want this program to explode yet. It can't handle simple syncing between a note on the windows app and the web app. Change a shopping item in my "Wal-Mart" note for example, it may gey synced, it may not, I'll have 2 notes with the same title on the web app, I'll delete one of them and keep the other, the windows app will then have 0 notes with that title. Bring the phone into the equation and it's another dimension of confusion. How long has this program been around, I can't even sync a simple shopping list. FAIL!!!!
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