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  1. Bump! Please! Reminder time setting is absurdly poor UI design, should surely be very easy to fix?
  2. Same here. Using Chrome beta v44 on windows 10 Chrome beta v44 on Android 5.0.1 Chrome beta v43 on windows 7 all systems set to UK / British English / DD/MM/YY date format, Chrome language set to UK English. Android & Windows Evernote apps have correct DD/MM/YY date behaviour, almost all other websites do as well, but Evernote web persists with MM/DD/YY
  3. As one of the 95% of the world's population who do not live in the USA, I too would like to be able to change away from the illogical and confusing mm/dd/yy format - and it does seem to be fixed on the web app, regardless of system settings. I can confirm that it's fine on the windows and android apps, but I'm stuck with the web version at work. A small issue perhaps, but just another thing on the list of shortcomings on what would otherwise be an unbeatable service.
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