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  1. Never in the history of my use of evernote (and it's been a great many years of premium subscription) has any bug been as annoying and impactful as the carriage return bug.
  2. Thanks for mentioning. This is huge issue for people who copy and paste commands from evernote into their terminal.
  3. Version 7.9 is out and the bug still remains! I don't get cheesed off by a lot of things but this is getting beyond a joke. I have a TON of commands in Evernote I copy from and this is messing with me big time.
  4. Just tested 7.9 Beta 2, it doesn't fix the problem.
  5. When you copy and paste system commands, the last thing you want is to have a carriage return inserted automatically! Also wasted 2 hours wondering why a piece of text pasted into a password field wasn't working. Turns out it's because of the extra carriage return. Please please fix this bug guys.
  6. I linked to this discussion from a url evernote support sent me and I missed that the above is a workaround, I thought it was completely fixed in 6.11. My apologies. The workaround of clicking on the second page works. But it'd be nice to see a proper fix in a future release
  7. I'm running v6.11 (build 454874) since it was released last week (non beta) but the problem is still there.
  8. I'm seeing this problem too. It's been happening for quite a while but i've always thought I was the only one with this problem. This happens when copying from Evernote Mac and pasting into a Google Hangouts chat window. Running on Evernote 6.1 on 10.10.5.
  9. Reported the bug. Evernote was able to recreate it and now it's fixed as of v6.1. Thanks Evernote!
  10. Posting in this thread as it's better to separate this problem from the thread about the 6.0.13 release. I'm seeing this problem too and i'm pretty sure I was able to paste json in the past. It doesn't matter if the json is pasted in from a web page, or if it's sanitised by pasting into a text editor and then pasted into Evernote. Nothing comes up at all when attempting to paste. Edit: Interestingly, styled json will paste, eg if the json has colors and so forth. But plain unstyled text json will not. Example, go to http://www.bodurov.com/JsonFormatter/paste in your json, format it, then paste it back into Evernote. It will work. Pasting JSON into Evernote Web also works. This is a pretty big problem as it means I can no longer store my json snippets in Evernote. Running on Evernote Mac 6.0.16
  11. Can confirm the sidebar font bug is fixed. Nice work!
  12. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. I can't seem to reproduce the issue. Could you please give me the following information: - Computer model - Monitor - Version of MacOS - Resolution Thanks. Macbook Air 13-inch mid 2011 Built in screen and external HP Compaq LA2306x monitor OS X 10.10.3 but updated today to 10.10.4 and its the same Built in resolution: 1440 x 900 External monitor: 1920 x 1080
  13. icab is right, the text on the left bar is not anti aliased (it should be). In fact, it uses the opposite setting to what you have set in OS X's Font Smoothing setting. When Font Smoothing is on, Evernote's left bar is not anti aliased. When Font Smoothing is off, the left bar is Anti Aliased.
  14. Font smoothing in the left bar where the Shortcuts and Recent Notes are seems borked in this version. When I have font smoothing turned on in OS X preferences, the fonts in that bar are NOT anti aliased. When I turn font smoothing off, they become anti aliased. This is opposite to the expected behaviour.
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