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  1. This bug was the straw that broke the camels back, it's been unfixed for far too long. It's not an ios thing because now i've switched to apple notes and it does NOT refresh this way, the changes appear whilst maintaining the same place in the note. It also does not refresh when you unlock your phone which was the main bug bear for me. We have a standup every morning and I usually have my standup notes prepped on the screen ready to go when it's my turn. When it is, I unlock my phone and the note SHOULD be there, at the same place. But no, I need to unlock, wait for it to refresh, then scroll all the way down to where I need to be. I've cancelled my yearly subscription sad to say. I loved evernote, but the pace at which these seemingly little annoyances were fixed was far too slow.
  2. THIS! It bugs me to no end. Especially when I need to bring up notes in a hurry.
  3. Looks like the carriage return issue is finally resolved. I don't normally use betas but was desperate enough. Thank you!
  4. Never in the history of my use of evernote (and it's been a great many years of premium subscription) has any bug been as annoying and impactful as the carriage return bug.
  5. Thanks for mentioning. This is huge issue for people who copy and paste commands from evernote into their terminal.
  6. Version 7.9 is out and the bug still remains! I don't get cheesed off by a lot of things but this is getting beyond a joke. I have a TON of commands in Evernote I copy from and this is messing with me big time.
  7. When you copy and paste system commands, the last thing you want is to have a carriage return inserted automatically! Also wasted 2 hours wondering why a piece of text pasted into a password field wasn't working. Turns out it's because of the extra carriage return. Please please fix this bug guys.
  8. I linked to this discussion from a url evernote support sent me and I missed that the above is a workaround, I thought it was completely fixed in 6.11. My apologies. The workaround of clicking on the second page works. But it'd be nice to see a proper fix in a future release
  9. I'm running v6.11 (build 454874) since it was released last week (non beta) but the problem is still there.
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