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  1. I came here looking for answers and solutions, I'm in the middle of a work project and can't access the research I have done and saved to evernote. I can see the notes when I go online using chrome or Edge but the problem is that I don't actually have access to my computer at work, I usually work on my iPad pro or iphone. I have a support ticket with them so hopefully this get resolved quickly. I'm also really worried that I might have deleted important content by accident that I won't notice until way later when I need to access those notes again. I might have deleted a few important notes thinking they were blank in the last few weeks too. The only reason I noticed this bug is because I was trying to access a very important note that I have worked with before and just could not believe all the data (HTML content and attached files) was gone. It was during a meeting and was about to freak out but then noticed that the thumbnails looked fine so I thought to check the web version just in case. I've been a paid customer for years and my business depends on Evernote. I really can't imagine losing hours of research, it would cost a lot of time/money to it again. To be honest I hope they get this resolved quickly, I've been playing more and more with other note apps and while I think Evernote still does a better job at organizing/clipping the other apps are slowly building some really nice features. In my perfect word the Evernote team would spend some time figuring out what the others do so well and see if they can integrate the functionalities... that said, it might soon be the other guys catching up. I find that Evernote display/formatting/editing of notes has been really buggy for quite a while now...
  2. I have been a paid premium subscriber for years and the one issue that has been bothering me is the fact that each version of the software (Mac, PC, Web, iOS) is different. I use a few different platforms and lately I've found myself trying other alternatives more often in search of a more robust and unified tool. I certainly agree here that tag nesting is a must feature. After having used it intensively for a while I've been holding back archiving content on Evernote for months now because we cannot get reassurance that this feature is not only going to be implemented on all platform but also that it's not going away on the platforms that currently support it. I also had issues getting working projects out of Evernote without breaking images or formatting. How difficult is it to get copy/paste to work properly, I don't know, but it's certainly not a good place to keep projects if you cannot work on them anymore outside of evernote. We now keep these projects on Google Drive instead . Tags are very personal and nesting them is a very powerful feature to me. You can for example tag notes with names and have these names nested under friends, family, projects, etc. Having shared notes does create a bit of complexity but perhaps tags from other users could be listed separately (under author name) and also perhaps has a group with little on/off switch for "merging" them with your own. Perhaps another on/off switch under your own tags to see the merged tags or not as a whole. It's just an idea and I'm sure there are many other ways to do this cleanly and hopefully the evernote team has been brainstorming on this. I have lots of notes and using tags without nesting is really slowing me down, sometimes I have to spend minutes figuring out a search to be able to find the notes I need. Sometimes I can't seem to find a syntax that will give me what I need so I spend minutes scrolling down the search results instead. If you want to have a good example of the power of nested tags have a look at Michael Hyatt post on how he uses evernote. Now imagine the mess if you take this feature away. Don't get me wrong, I really like Evernote and with the right features I'm sure I'll be using it for many years to come.
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