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  1. Thanks, but as I said, the option is unchecked in Preferences, yet I'm still seeing the single column view for my Personal notebooks. I take it this is a bug then? Reece
  2. OSX, 6.8 Beta2. I was just added to a business account, and now I appear to be stuck with the new notebook view (horrendous thing that it is) with my Personal notebooks (and yes, the option is unchecked in Preferences). Is this a bug or intended? And is there any way to use the old view with Business notebooks? The single column view makes absolutely no sense to me, it adds so much complexity to both visualizing and getting at my notes.
  3. I was just added to a business account, and now it appears I'm being forced into this notebook list view! And what's worse, my personal notebooks are now in list view (and yes, the option is unchecked in Preferences). This almost makes Evernote unusable, I have way too many notebook/stacks to navigate this way.
  4. I opened Evernote to my "basic" notebook view, thank you!
  5. I also can't unselect the Advanced Notebook View. Logged out/in, I'm still stuck with it. Please, please, please fix. As others have stated, this "advanced" view is a real impact on productivity. I can't tell you how annoying and error-prone it is to have to scroll through my long list of notebooks as opposed to being able to easily see them all at once. What's the thought-process behind it? Is this just an early (and unusable) version of it?
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