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  1. Oh I see now... Too bad they do not support annotation in tiff format yet...
  2. Hi there, I have been using evernote for a few years for my labnote. I am sure there was an option when you right-click an image in evernote, it allows you to bring that image directly to skitch and edit, and save it in skitch then the changes are applied automatically in evernote. Then I bought a new laptop, installed evernote and skitch, but the option was gone. Both apps are logged on with my account. There is a button "to save in evernote" in skitch. But it makes a new note and save the image there, not what I need. I hope someone could tell me how to bring that function back. Also, some TIFF files are not displayed as an image but like an icon on evernote. How can I fix that? Thanks.
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