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  1. yes, this is what I was thinking of doing... however it seems the whole note needs to be recreated, so I need to change the timestamp etc. a little bit of a pain, but probably necessary. thanks!! Giovanni
  2. Hi, I have some notes with sections of encrypted text generated several years ago (2011 or so), which I can't decrypt using the desktop application. The "Note Decryption" popup will become stuck on top of the application and will not go away after clicking 'cancel' or 'OK'. The only way to make it disappear is to close the application. I am able to decrypt the text using the web interface and the Android app. Has anybody else observed this? I am using Version 6.10 Beta 2 (454213 Direct) for Mac. Thanks! Giovanni
  3. thanks for your replies. Just an update: Since I first posted, this issue presented also for regular notes with pictures (not only evernote food), so I followed your suggestion and I did open a ticket. So far I have received little help. They basically told me: "yes, we have heard of this problem, just restore previous versions, or use the web interface until we fix it". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hi, I have many old evernote food notes which worked just fine as regular notes, however lately I noticed that the pictures disappear upon note opening. Restoring a previous version seems to restore the pictures, but I am worried this might corrupt these old notes irreversibly. Did anybody else have this problem? I am using Version 6.9 Beta 2 (453896 Direct) for Mac, however I checked the web version and the notes are corrupted there as well. Thanks! Giovanni
  5. Hi Pascal, Filterize is a great idea! I have a few applescripts acting on evernote items that I run daily, and I would love to run them through the web. To what extent will it be possible to customize actions? For example, one of my scripts is modeled after Gmail Snooze (https://gmailsnooze.wordpress.com/): I tag notes with (for example) "followup10days" and one of my scripts daily changes that tag to "followup9days" ... "followup8days" etc until it gets to "followup0days" and it moves the corresponding note to my Inbox folder. In my workflow this is much faster than Evern
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