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  1. I have been able to improve Evernote's performance but only after my Mac OS was wiped and reloaded, and I also removed Evernote and re-downloaded the app. I do think there may be issues with the last 6 months of Mojave updates related to the forthcoming Catalina. And starting fresh (as annoying as it was) did seem to help Evernote a lot. However, I still have to force quit Evernote every 24 hours and re-start if I haven't re-started my iMac in 24 hours. There is something about Evernote that gets caught up in a "clogged cache" -- or something like that, which gives me the spinning wheel and loads down my entire machine if I don't re-start Evernote periodically. The other problem with the program is that it does use a tremendous amount of RAM. This needs to be addressed. It uses a higher amount than Photoshop. And I think this may be one of the top issues affecting Evernote.
  2. I’m having to restart Evernote desktop about 3 times a day now to get temporary relief from these increasing issues.
  3. I'm so glad to find this forum thread. Ever since moving over to my new iMac and Mojave, the Evernote desktop won't stop having the spinning wheel. It can become completely unusable about 70 percent of the time. If I force quit and try to restart, it will say that there is a problem with the application loading ... but will eventually load. And then I start the spinning wheel problem all over again. Restarting the computer sometimes helps, not always. Tech support just asks that I delete and reinstall the app. Like it's that easy!! You have to backup everything, then reload and reindex -- you're talking hours of your time gone with all of that. And now I've seen several of you do just this, and yet it doesn't change a thing. I just find the solution to be completely unworkable -- this is a paid app for me, a monthly subscription. You'd think they could solve such a widespread problem. I wish there were a migratable app that did the same thing but worked. I don't know if there is. It's so disappointing.
  4. I also just noticed the same error in Incognito. I uninstalled the extension and re-installed -- still the same error.
  5. Wish I could tag notes to be listed in widget
  6. Merv K - you have to reindex to get it to be fully functional again. And I found it takes a several hours after starting the reindex for it to take effect. Reindex today, and tomorrow it most likely will be fully functional for you again.
  7. the reindexing worked for me -- but it took several hours to take effect
  8. this worked for me - thanks!
  9. My clipper just updated. And while the searching capacity is restored, it doesn't work properly. Maybe it only searches with the correct upper and lower case? (I saw another post about that in my email about this thread, which if true REALLY needs to be fixed. The searching is nearly worthless otherwise.)
  10. I deleted and re-installed the Evernote Chrome Clipper Extension -- Version updated on 4/4/18 -- and all the same problems identified in this thread still exist.
  11. Suddenly I cannot use the search function for a notebook within the Chrome web clipper. Please bring it back!!! It was such a time saver to type in a keyword to find just the right notebook or multiple notebooks for a clip. The way you have changed it now, it is several steps back in productivity. So disappointed. And NO REMARKS????!!!! Wow. Please bring this back. It was such a great feature!!! Double disappointed.
  12. I'm not referring to the app but rather the app extension that I access via share so that I can share a website page with Evernote. It appears that the share extension is really limited, which makes me have a muti-step process. This extension's clipping features should be the same as desktop, i.e., be able to remark and tag as I clip -- not afterwards. I've had to change to other strategies that aren't clipping via iPhone when I have a remark - otherwise I will forget my thoughts and ideas by the time I circle back to the desktop. Feature request!
  13. Hi - Is there any way to tag or remark a clipping that is clipped via the iPhone app? - TWF
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