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  1. Back again -- the Web version stopped working on Chrome after 1/2 hour. I've tried both Safari and Firefox -- none load. I either get a white screen with no successful load or an error message pop up saying that it is "getting back to work again" with an Evernote spinning swoosh, but it never loads. I cannot be clearing cookies every 1/2 hour to keep this program in the Cloud from crashing. Any insights?
  2. Could not load Evernote Web for the past 24 hours. But I cleared cookies and now it loaded. This is really frustrating Evernote!
  3. I have largely resolved all sync issues by doing the following: - updated app on all my iOS devices - no longer use desktop version - only use Cloud/Web version on my desktop - updated my Web/Cloud version to newest version - it looks and functions the same as desktop but has all the cool stuff like extra colors when highlighting- sync is super fast and immediate
  4. Thank you. I only see 10.1 as the latest for iOS?
  5. Thank you!! The option was to "Select the New Evernote Web." Then, there was a moving "upload bar" that ran across the top of my browser -- I suspect it was simply transferring my notes to this new platform. And after about a minute, my screen refreshed to the new Evernote Web version. It looks incredibly similar to the Desktop version. Yay!! And, the highlight feature is there!! I'm very excited about this. Thanks again.
  6. Do they say how far away from being released? Thanks.
  7. I see no highlight button - what am I missing? (screenshot of what I'm seeing below)
  8. Has anyone got this highlight extension to work? I have tried all sorts of configurations on my keyboard, and it does nothing. Also, no highlighter on the EN web version.
  9. Years of people asking for this, and nothing. I don't understand this.
  10. Update: I feel that some of these sync'ing issues are between now-incompatible desktop version and iOS. I really like my desktop version and don't like working in the Cloud version. However, I suspect that the new sync'ing mechanisms with the iOS version compete with the desktop's old way of sync'ing, which is every few seconds or so. And this could create duplicate notes and conflicts. The Cloud version functions the same as the updated app, which is that you have to click Done or the green checkmark, and then it syncs -- thereby creating no duplicates and telling the system which is the most updated (all in theory). I'm going to switch to only using the Cloud version with my iOS versions to see if that helps to clear up the syncing issues.
  11. 9000+ notes, user since 2013. I lost all my notetaking from a 2 hour webinar this week -- I was using my iPad and a keyboard. And that's when I realized there was syncing issues: the iPad never sync'd to the desktop/iPhone (even when I clicked the green checkmark). And later, when I opened the desktop version, it must have overwritten the iPad which said it sync'd but didn't. So everything disappeared. It was strange on the iPad -- I was going back and forth between two notes when I was notetaking, and it was taking forever to load each note -- like it was stuck; there's major glitches. Since then I've had multiple sync issues between apps -- Evernote creating multiple copies of notes because of sync problems. Anything done on the iPhone has a 50/50 chance of creating a non-sync'd conflict and therefore duplicate notes. It's a mess. And 10 days to get a customer service response. They removed the chat feature sometime yesterday too. So they are in crisis mode. The desktop version was already a cache/RAM issue that they did not resolve for years, which has got to also complicate the sync issues -- as the desktop version has to be restarted often to get it to function properly. This has been such a good program. But cannot be sustained this way if they do not do a VERY QUICK resolution. Meanwhile, I will be checking out https://beebom.com/evernote-alternatives/ Main concern is going through the hassle to go to a new platform that does not have a long track record -- I need the staying power of a company because my notes are really important.
  12. I have been able to improve Evernote's performance but only after my Mac OS was wiped and reloaded, and I also removed Evernote and re-downloaded the app. I do think there may be issues with the last 6 months of Mojave updates related to the forthcoming Catalina. And starting fresh (as annoying as it was) did seem to help Evernote a lot. However, I still have to force quit Evernote every 24 hours and re-start if I haven't re-started my iMac in 24 hours. There is something about Evernote that gets caught up in a "clogged cache" -- or something like that, which gives me the spinning wheel and loads down my entire machine if I don't re-start Evernote periodically. The other problem with the program is that it does use a tremendous amount of RAM. This needs to be addressed. It uses a higher amount than Photoshop. And I think this may be one of the top issues affecting Evernote.
  13. I’m having to restart Evernote desktop about 3 times a day now to get temporary relief from these increasing issues.
  14. I'm so glad to find this forum thread. Ever since moving over to my new iMac and Mojave, the Evernote desktop won't stop having the spinning wheel. It can become completely unusable about 70 percent of the time. If I force quit and try to restart, it will say that there is a problem with the application loading ... but will eventually load. And then I start the spinning wheel problem all over again. Restarting the computer sometimes helps, not always. Tech support just asks that I delete and reinstall the app. Like it's that easy!! You have to backup everything, then reload and reindex -- you're talking hours of your time gone with all of that. And now I've seen several of you do just this, and yet it doesn't change a thing. I just find the solution to be completely unworkable -- this is a paid app for me, a monthly subscription. You'd think they could solve such a widespread problem. I wish there were a migratable app that did the same thing but worked. I don't know if there is. It's so disappointing.
  15. I also just noticed the same error in Incognito. I uninstalled the extension and re-installed -- still the same error.
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