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  1. Just figured it out...up at the very top task bar there's an obscure icon with an "S" on it that is the only place to change the scanner settings! It only took 2 hours to find this! Thanks for your kind helpfulness.
  2. Thanks for this advice...as you can see from this screenshot, there's really no setting to force the photo scan. And I did try mixing a document with a photo, and it scans it still as a pdf. I've searched the web and Evernote for 1 hr+ and can't find any documentation on this problem, which is a bummer since I have a lot of photos to scan, and when the Evernote scanner scans a pdf, it uses a different color palette or contrast than it does for photos. Any other suggestions?
  3. I have an Evernote scanner that is scanning photographs as pdfs. How do I correct this problem by having the scanner scan photos as jpegs? It used to do this automatically, and I can't find any settings to control this.
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