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  1. Thanks for the response. What is interesting is the ability to go to Maps works on my 8" Lenovo IdeaTab that has no phonebook app; but does not work on new 10" tablet that does have a phonebook app and is made to take a SIM so calls can be made from it. It is a Chinese model called iCube and seems to be an iPad clone but is dual-boot both Windows/Android. Had it for 2 weeks and happy so far. I would think this ability to bring up Maps would be something Evernote should do across all devices. That function works on the new device with apps like ColorNote and Google Keep.
  2. Hi, 1st post Just getting started with Evernote. When I installed it on one Android tablet and loaded some notes on it I could "tap" on an address and it would bring up the address in Google Maps. As far as I can recall I did not alter any settings to cause this action. On my new Android tablet Evernote does not do this. I really need this function. Same note, but does not launch Google Maps. Maps does load from other apps. I'm sure it is a simple setting, could someone please walk me thru it. Thanks
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