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  1. I am a little flummoxed by this: isn't the whole idea to share notes in _my_ notebook with someone to _their_ notebook? Changes to either one will be reflected...this seems like basic functionality that existed many versions ago...what happened Evernote developers? Like many others, this app has seen too much development and lost its way. Work Chat has no place in my workflow: back to Google Docs/Drive for me.
  2. The "shared notes" concept seems to be lost upon the Evernote developers. When sharing a shopping list with my family, it should show up under ALL NOTES; not as part of some disparate chat(s) with various family members. I spent 30 minutes updating a shopping list for my wife, and upon arrival at the store, she said none of the updates were on her note...even though the note had the same title on her device as mine and my device showed her as an EDITOR of the note...confusion.
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