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  1. I do agree you most of what you say and I'd also add the following: Main issues, in order: 1-lack of possibility to open multiple notes (open in new window); 2-no resizing (really, I can't have EN on full screen the whole time!); 3-HUGE delay; 4-text at the end of the screen don't show unless you throw in a bunch or ENTERs to make it go up; 5-text formatting requires too many clicks OR the use of the floating tool bar which I hate because of 3 and 4; 6-reminder set ends when you click the date, so I always have to go back to edit the time! a "done" button solve this. Bottom line: it is nice to have access to my notes online but that I can do from my smartphone. From a web app I'd expect a more powerful creation/editing tool or at least the ability to work with multiple notes. The old web version was already all I could ask for.
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