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  1. I currently have 17 shortcuts, divided into four groups by "headers" (shortcuts to empty tags, e.g. `=== daily planning ===` , `=== current initiatives ===`). I'd like to be able to nest & minimise shortcuts, similar to tags. Then I could click to only show the daily-planning shortcuts during my daily planning session, my work shortcuts at work, etc. FWIW, I'm using Evernote on Windows & Android.
  2. I'm interested in lists of notes , not a list in a note.
  3. In the absence of a oldest-first option, is there an easy way to get to the bottom of a list of notes? I make heavy use of tags and filters, but still often have make a dozen swipes to get to the oldest note.
  4. Bump. If sort asc and sort desc take up too much room, I'd be happy to click-again to reverse the sort order. Or just change the default to oldest-first. Is newest first really that popular?
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