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  1. I would love to be able to move tags in the left hand panel to other parent tags without specifically clicking the tag menu and moving out of the "main" menu. I don't understand why that's not a feature. It saves clicks and would save me time. Unless perhaps that would be something people would not want and cause confusion in case of accidental drag and drop. Maybe a quick pop up link in a corner of screen after dragging and dropping that says "made a mistake, click to undo" that disappears after 5 secs like in gmail mobile app when you swipe to archive/delete. just a thought. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. So this is embarrassing... It was actually my logitech mouse. Apparently after a certain time it can be common for a mouse to double click on single clicks at random. Dude in this video says it's static electricity buildup. Others disagree, but either way, his fix of turning off mouse, take batteries out, and click the hell out of the mouse as often as you can for 30 seconds fixed my issues for now!
  3. Also, when I finally was able to click on multiple notes to try to delete them, the delete option was grayed out. I presume this was because I had some of those notes (with hyperlinks that auto-opened) open in separate windows and thus it wouldn't let me delete it.
  4. Hi, Looking for some help on why this annoying feature is happening and how to stop it. I searched the settings under personalization and didn't see a setting to change this: Went to clear out my evernote a bit and tried to click on multiple notes to delete at once. Realized that anytime there was any kind of hyperlink in a note (hyperlink could be from a web snippet, copied link to another note title like a table of contents, etc) it would open a new window just for that note. I want to be able to click all notes without launching a separate window, unless I double click on the note title. This is pretty standard across most layout/web interfaces. Any help is appreciated. I cam across a thread that talked about the new version of evernote launching browser windows instead of evernote windows when you create a hyperlink to a note but I don't think that is what is happening here (although that sounds very annoying too). Forgot to add that I am pressing CMD (flag key on windows keyboard) to try to select multiple notes. It appears that if I click on ANY note with hyperlink, it launches new window. If I click a note and then push CMD to click another note, it opens that second-clicked note in another window EVEN WITH NO HYPERLINK. I've tried using CTRL, CMD, and ALT with no luck. The only way I've found to select multiple notes with MAC is using shift but this doesn't work if I have 5 notes I want to select that are spread out among other notes I don't want to select.
  5. DTLow, Maybe I''m off, but it seems you have a tag to indicate completion for any note (project related task, non project related task, or project TOC) of tag:archive correct? But then you also edit the title with +Ω and mark the reminder as completed to indicate completion? I could see how the reminder thing would give you information on when it was completed but it seems like the 3 methods do nearly the same thing. I really like that you do the title of next action for the next step you are going to take on a project. Once I understand it a little more I think it will help reinforce DA's mantra of getting everyone to ask "What is the NEXT STEP?". If I understand you correctly, your title codes are mutually exclusive...how do you handle it when your task for next action is also scheduled? I think based on your responses, that once you draft action steps in a master note you prioritize them all (with a due/reminder date or a when tag, who tag, context tag, etc) and process them through your system. If that is the case, what purpose does your master list for a project/TOC serve? I could understand keeping it around if you ONLY processed/prioritizedthe next action step at a time for each project prioritized and DIDN'T create individual tasks of the ones following the next action step. Hm looking at our note titles I might understand it: Every task in a project gets a + since it is a task. If it can be scheduled, you create the reminder date and do so. Same for if it happens to be the next action. During your project reviews you look through each project for tasks that have a single + and revisit whether it is time for them to get scheduled or become the next action? Just a stab in the dark, might be way off. If this is true, do you differentiate between active/inacitve projects? And what foes in your projects section of you daily journal. Just a list of all projects active via hyperlinking the note title of master note for each or is it the projects with a task you are actively working that day at some point? Also, in your outline you said "I assign current date to tasks I'm working on even if there is no hard date". Can you describe that a little further? Ex below: In this example, each step would be sequential. Today in this example is Wednesday Project: Organize Garage Task 1 (Research Shelving Options Online) (You know you want to do this this weekend, so maybe you put the reminder date as this Saturday, but it is also your next action so what would title look like) Task 2 (Go to store and buy shelves) (You might be able to get this done this weekend, so what date do you put on it?) Task 3 (Assemble shelving Units) (This will definitely not fit in the weekend as it is a time intensive task) Task 4 (Organize and label items into bins) What would the above look like in terms of titles, reviews, reminders, etc? As always, thanks for the help!
  6. 1) What does scripting do exactly and how do I do that? Is that the thing at the bottom of this link and does it somehow catch things you may have missed in your process? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s10/sh/6023ddf2-bfbf-4a61-9f32-dd66df289689/8542753eedba5471 2) How do I make these: Ω prefix As far as the rest of your posts: I've been off the wagon a little while cuz I was dreading trying to work my system/figure it out again. Didn't realize you had attached a hyperlink to your overview and just looked that over. It helped A LOT so thank you. In particular I like that you have a tag for non-projects and I love your template for daily review too. 3) So I understand you right: Your project master note for each project would be found by searching for tag: Projects and just scanning the title of notes that pop up to find it? 4) Also, that note has a list of all the tasks comprising that project correct? 5) The next action on that project list is what you create a new task note for and you delete or put a checkmark next to that task/step from the Master note? 6) Lastly, I don't understand why you have these three things and how you use them. I get the scheduled one is probably if it goes on your calendar, but don't understand why you would have a +task or a ++task. + Task bbbbbb Task++Task bbbbbb Task (Next Action)+. Task bbbbbb Task (Scheduled) Thanks again!
  7. I'm attaching these files in case anyone wants to reference my screenshots
  8. I made of movie of my process, specifically relate to project tagging. Bear with me on the movie, I summarized as best as I could. Feel free to poke holes. I'm not saying this a sexy solution but it's a start and I'm more than open to someone pointing out the redundancy/uselessness of something I am doing. I am getting much better at identifying action items, it's organizing that data at the right level vertically and horizontally that is the real challenge for me (and DA says essentially its a large struggle for most with no clear answer). Anyway, if you ARE going to watch it, I recommend watching it at 1.25 speed even though I will probably sound like a chipmunk. https://youtu.be/JPfkzvUuyR8
  9. Appreciate the response. 1)Was hoping evernote organized it by thread. Seems weird to me that I have my messages for individual chats available at link at top, but then my content/streams mixes that with responses to my posts etc under my activity streams. 2) Reason I was asking #2 was so that I could look within the thread at all of your responses or other people because you get bits and pieces of what works for one person then some more posts from someone else. Also, clicking follow you would show every post you make and you are a busy guy on the forum But in the end I was only asking to see if I could understand your entire process from top to bottom which you are creating now (thanks again btw)
  10. @DTLow, Thanks that would be perfect and is much appreciated!
  11. @DTLow Do you have an outline of how you manage your overall system from top to bottom with screenshots? I want to maintain more of a tag-based system but projects and tags have been a real sticking point, even after reviewing multiple forum posts/ David Allen's PDF. I'm very good at identifying all my "next steps" but my system for tracking them sucks. I tried following what he says and more than one task becomes a project but it gets messy really fast so i'm considering moving to where a project has its own tag for all items and a master list for all action items. Ideally I would decide which action items from that project list actually need to get a when-tag but also struggling with how to keep track of if an action item has been prioritized etc. Ex) Boston Trip-Plan is a project. Research groupon options Look up average prices of friend recommended restaurants to see if it is in budget Buy tickets for the harbor tour How would I keep track of whether 1, 2, or 3 had actually moved from the list of tasks on the master project note onto prioritized? I wound up with tons of action items from different projects randomly listed under !4ThisMonth tag.... If you are willing to post screenshots that would be awesome. On another note, could you tell me how to do either of the two following things: 1) Follow a specific thread on this forum and easily navigate back to it 2) Search a thread for all of a user's posts? (Might help me consolidate all your posts on your system and how you GTD)
  12. Okay I figured it out. If you want to search all notes you don't get the drop down from your screenshot, you have to know what you are looking for. If you click an individual notebook, then when you click tag button it gives you all the tags that have been used for notes in that notebook organized alphabetically Still annoying though that you can't quickly and easily control click multiple notebooks and tags to search but oh well
  13. This is weird, continues to post nothing. popped up another window this time saying for security I need to confirm i am trying to post my snapshot and yet still didn't work. I'll try saving to the desktop and then manually inserting
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