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  1. Thank you for your replies. I think the option that works the best for me is the built in export option to a multiple html archive. So the notes are per note divided (instead of one big list) and ofcourse I can find the PDF files. At the end, not as sleek as in Evernote ofcourse. But that doesn't matter. It is just in case Evernote ever goes offline I don't lose all of my data.... You knever know, better safe then sorry.
  2. Hi all, I love using Evernote and ain't planning to stop using it. However, I can't afford to lose all my data that I am storing over time with Evernote. I have found information how to backup with the ENEX format. But I am not happy with this method. How much I trust Evernote I don't like this option. If I suddenly can't open ENEX via Evernote I have a problem. So, is there a way to export the notes in for examle .doc(x) format and the PDF and JPEG files in a "folder" kind. For example I love Google Drive but I use it because they have the "Google Takeout" option so I can backup and
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