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  1. Folks have been asking Evernote to address this for over 3+ years. I think the Jefito also explained well in the thread below why this could happen between MS and EN. That being said, as an end user, it's still pretty frustrating that this can't be either a feature request or bug to be fixed. The problem also occurs coping from Evernote into Microsoft as well. Only have used on Windows if that helps.
  2. Please improve the basic text editor so we can copy/paste our formatted notes into other applications such as Word? If you have formatted text with with nested bullet points, the pasted version adds additional lines and/or bullets. Would prefer not having to fire up OneNote whenever I need to take lengthy notes with any kind of formatting.
  3. @kan0ne thanks for opening the ticket and getting it escalated. is there a way to upvote your ticket? (i've been following this thread for 3+ years and still hoping to return back to Evernote one day...)
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