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  1. I think i did not clearly explain my point. In EN due to the outlook plugin i can attach my outlook emails directly to the app thus making it easier to add reminders, view them and edit them. In case of wunderlist which was suggested this plugin feature is missing. The work around that they have provided is to forward that email from outlook to wunderlist inbox(me@wunderlist.com) and then add a reminder. This functionality is good and the sound reminder is also available, however the problem i am facing is it only keeps the text of the email and it seems that i am viewing that email on word pad. The links and the pictures all disappear in the wunderlist email and only the text remains . EN did not have this problem due to the EN outlook clipper. Need help!!
  2. Hello there I tried using wunderlist and found it great. However one major obstacle that i encountered was the missing plugin for Outlook which was dealt by EN pretty efficiently. I mostly work on outlook and therefore depended on EN for the reminders. Is there any work around for this or any other reminder/notes app that has outlook plugin along with sound reminder? There is an option for forwarding mails from your email to wunderlist but it only shows HTML format which isn't neat n clean. Please help me!
  3. @csihilling thank you friend for your suggestion. I will be trying wunderlist. Crossing my fingers and hoping it lives up to my expectations. Anyways thanx again ☺️
  4. Is there any other application on the market such as EN that can solve this probelm?
  5. I love using EN. Its a simple yet reliable application. However i was wondering in the does the reminder notification have any sound to play? I find it very weird that whenever there is a reminder it comes silently at the bottom of my screen and fades away. Most of the times i am busy doing imp stuff and i miss on the reminder notification.If there is a sound played along with that it would be nice.I find Microsoft outlook reminders very handy in this case.
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