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  1. Hi all, I've been using a HHKB connected to a bluetooth adapter with my ipad mini for well over a year and this issue has also been consistently bugging me... But apart from this issue being unique to Evernote, I've also only just noticed something rather interesting recently... The issue seems to occur only when the ipad is oriented in landscape mode, and goes away when in portrait mode. Can someone else confirm if this is true for them too?
  2. I'm have the same issue on evernote ios. I'm running Evernote on an iPad linked via bluetooth to a mechanical keyboard (HHKB Pro 2) connected to an ATEN CS533 bluetooth adapter. Works flawlessly on every other app and generally in Evernote, except when starting a new line in an existing note.. First letter in a new line ends up as a double letter. Pushing enter once seems to give double carriage return.
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