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  1. Is it possible to be able to fix rather than always changing it during typing? please consider this feature as it's very important for other languages which use right to left
  2. Yes it was working before for me , and if its going to be only for paid accounts i wish we see it getting improved .. Thanks
  3. I always send notes through email and i would like to decrease the time to sort it later , so i prefer always to put @xnote and tag it too #xtag this is really great tool for a note app ( I love you evernote ) but recently i used to get no results , its not moving to the mentioned notebook @xnote or even tagged with #xtag Im running the latest Version 6.0.14 (451777 App Store) Saturday July 4, 2015 Using OS X Yosemite version 10.10.4 Is the problem is where i should add this @xnote in the title ? or it doesn't matter ? Thanks for your cooperation Regards
  4. You may want to try exporting a couple of Notes to ENEX and HTML to familiarlize yourself with the process. You do NOT convert ENEX to HTML. EN Mac gives you two options for export: ENEX and HTML. Even if Evernote disappeared tomorrow, your EN Mac app would still run. So you could wait until you need the HTML files do make the export. Take a look at the link I provided above, Evernote Backup and Restore Options. You may want to do regular backups with both options #1 and #2 for the reasons stated. You don't need to export to HTML until you need to import your Evernote Notes into another app, or maybe for archival reasons. This is really helpful thanks a lot for your support
  5. T Thanks a lot for your reply , got it now but are we able to convert Evernote XML format (.enex) to html without evernote client ? or i should always do both type of backup files .enex and html . Thanks
  6. Yes i have made it like this just for privacy but you can notice the disappearing of the note when i moved it .. right ?
  7. Hi guys i have seen many topics talking about backing up evernote notes .. since evernote is my main tool now sorting everything in my life specially my work . i started to think , what if one day i wake up and evernote doesn't exist anymore what should i do with my backup files ..? am i able to export this notes in the backup files to folders ? what about the media inside these notes ( voice notes photos .. etc ) evernote backup file is going to be useless if i don't have evernote client ? i wish for evernote to live forever but just to have more confidence about this stunning tool of life ... Regards
  8. when i changed the title of this disappeared note , its visible again in the stack
  9. Hi guys I have a stack with include more than 10 notebooks and while I'm viewing the stack i move notes from notebooks within this stack to another in the same stack . but i should see the in the sort column for notebook all notes within all notebooks in this stack unfortunately sometime its just disappear and if I'm standing on the stack i can't view the recently added notes . here is a temporary video explaining my issue Regards
  10. Thanks for your reply , i have done this from many point of views from specific notes to stacks to search results .. and if its not like this in windows , so i think its a bug in mac ... i will wait for any mac users if they can report this too as you said its really frustrating as after long day or long week or working and i come to sort out my notes i keep on searching in which note i was staying and i sort the note by many ways , date created sometime date updates , some time by size Thanks a gain for your reply Regards
  11. Hello I would like to explain what I'm talking about by point this video i made on youtube https://youtu.be/dH2WMj7qJeg What if when i move a move i stay on the same line and don't be turned up to another line waiting your feedback
  12. Dear developers i have noticed that this probelm is existing and i dont know how view this part in normal way ,, could you please check screenshot for ios ipad evernote error Regards
  13. you know guys after trying this Slack .. really i wish that evernote buy it one day it will be universal workplace .. i was using trello long time ago and it was good but not ideal for business waste time .. and the developer seems busy to focus on it . Main advantages of Slack like services is to provide daily essential chat we already do for example : Whatsapp , which is not recorded unsearchable only for announcement and general chat between co-workers . Emails , which already overwhelmed with tons of mails and there is no space for chatting on mail . so providing chat service with ability to share docs on it and everything there is searchable !! its Awesome !! Regards
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