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  1. Is it possible to be able to fix rather than always changing it during typing? please consider this feature as it's very important for other languages which use right to left
  2. you know guys after trying this Slack .. really i wish that evernote buy it one day it will be universal workplace .. i was using trello long time ago and it was good but not ideal for business waste time .. and the developer seems busy to focus on it . Main advantages of Slack like services is to provide daily essential chat we already do for example : Whatsapp , which is not recorded unsearchable only for announcement and general chat between co-workers . Emails , which already overwhelmed with tons of mails and there is no space for chatting on mail . so providing chat service with
  3. although its old post but I'm surprised that this feature is not there yet .. its really very very important
  4. just came here searching on google for this feature as i had some pain same like you guys .. please evernote we need multiple email to be linked to one evernote id ... thanks for the saving our lives
  5. Am i dreaming ? Thanks evernote for this application its my life now in everything
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