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  1. I also have this issue on OSX running the latest versions of everything. Single quoted strings turning to weird quotes, so code is wrong when pasting it into REPLs. Is this whole ‘unformatted monospace text’ thing really that hard? If Evernote devs dogfood, I’m sure they are aware of the issue.
  2. Chrome -> Edit search engine -> use this as the search string: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#&ses=1&x=%s&
  3. Animated gif notes are extremely useful for programmers! Especially for documenting bugs/behavior. Trello has supported gifs in trello cards for quite a while, and I use them instead of screenshots wherever possible. Would certainly appreciate it if Evernote got on board.
  4. Trello can also natively support gif files, and it's very useful. As a developer, "a gif is worth a thousand screenshots". Native support of Gifs is a must-have.
  5. Please add this feature. I recently rejoined evernote after many years. I thought evernote was a forward-thinking company, but its desktop app is so 2005. Hello! We use laptops in 2015, and screen real estate is precious. We don't need giant AOL style toolbars over every note. This kind of decision alienates "power-users"... i.e. the people most willing to actually "pay" for evernote. OMG, I have to use a sticky note pad when I'm actually *taking* notes or else my evernote will take up 1/2 of the screen. Seems like evernote is surprisingly poor "note-taking" app, in spite of its name. And, if you're actually using it to take notes as you surf the web, it would be very useful to have an always-on-top or "pin" button in the toolbar to stop other apps from stealing focus, but nope. I have to use a third-party tool to actually use it this way. These are obvious features. I thought evernote was a mature product. I'm new to evernote premium and love some aspects of it (in particular, its integration), but OneNote is going to eat its lunch if these kind of basic gui customization features can be neglected for 7 years. The web app seems almost as weirdly wasteful of vertical screen real estate as the desktop app. As a developer myself, I know that there must be evernote developers who have the same gripe. They're not the ones pulling the strings, apparently.
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