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  1. I used to be able to print pretty simply from the Kindle Fire HDX by using the Share feature. That is totally worthless to me now because it wants to collaborate with other Evernote users. However, by sifting through the posts on this forum, I stumbled on this drill down. In the note itself, highlight a word then SELECT ALL. Then you can share, and my printer app is one of the sharing options. That actually gives a better printout than previously because I don't have all the Evernote stationery surrounding the printout, which was an irritation in itself with the wasted ink and the Evernote banner all around the page. This is really clumsy and shouldn't have taken me hours to figure out. I know this is a free app, but I am seriously looking around for another note-taking application. If I can find one that will import from Evernote, I'll probably make the switch.
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