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  1. Still waiting for Still waiting for my update. Hopefully my "annoying" bugs have also been squashed 😆
  2. You may be right but this view is obviously not shared by most of the users, and again I use the reviews on play store, if this can be termed a true reflection of what actual users, not just the developers, think. Change must be beneficial to the end users. It might be worth finding out what the actual expectations of these end users are and why they believe it is not being met. Like I said earlier, personally, I love Evernote, it has made me more organised and more productive. However, if people don't use it, it might end up going under and that for me is a major concern.
  3. Very sad that most reviews on the Google play store for the month of January are just a single star. I really hope the developers will get their act together. A lot of people are obviously not too happy with this new "Electron" powered version. Love Evernote too much to see it go under. Thanks.
  4. Uninstall the current version 10.4. Search online for an "APKMIRROR" for the legacy version, 8.3.13. Stop Google play from auto updating apps in the Google play settings. Install the downloaded apk. You may have to allow "Install for other sources" warning. I also had to install the legacy app because 10.4 didn't allow me to edit pdfs. Enjoy!
  5. Thank you very much for taking the time to get back to me. That is quite a long winded way of achieving something they can so easily be done with the legacy app, just long press and edit. I am really hoping the find a solution soon even though I know the developers have tons of really critical bugs they need to work on. Thanks once again.
  6. Oh I get it now, sorry. I am glad you found a solution. Doesn't help me much though.
  7. Can you please clarify what sort of thing you are talking about? Unfortunately, it is not too clear for me from the image you posted
  8. I have tried three different devices and I still can't get it to work! I will really appreciate a step by step tutorial if you don't mind. I really want to get into v10.4 but this for me is a deal breaker.
  9. Have you checked whether power saving/optimization settings in android are interfering with your notifications? Does it only happen with Evernote?
  10. The inability to open and edit the pdf in another program is what is keeping me stuck with the legacy app. My entire workflow is based on editing pdfs. Unfortunately the option to annotate as currently available on version 10.4 does not even allow me to zoom in. I am really hoping this functionality is brought back soon.
  11. Ended up using this "not so ideal" workaround. Will have to make do until any future update rectifies the issue. Thanks @PinkElephant
  12. I need to use my default pdf editor/reader and not the one that ships with Evernote 10 for android. This is very important for my workflow. Any idea how to get this done? Thanks
  13. Last used about 4 weeks ago. No widgets, generally slow, images appearing as attachments, unable to edit a file with a default app etc. Love the UI though, and the ability to highlight in different colours. Overall will give it a 4 out of 10, but then again it is in beta.
  14. @PinkElephant Finally got it to work. Sorry I didn't post back here. I downloaded an older version from Apkmirror, version 8.0 I think, installed a VPN with the location set to the US and stopped the username and password from being filled in automatically at the log in page. The finally updated to the latest version from the play store. A bit long winded but at least it works.
  15. Same issue here from Ghana. I have cleared cache and storage, un-installed, re-installed, rebooted, downgraded, used a VPN, used WiFi, used data connection... Only thing that works is using the V 10 beta and Evernote web.. I badly need a solution.
  16. I don't remember the last Beta version I was on but I am currently on the public version (8.13.3). Evernote used to show on my list of beta's on the Google play store but it no longer does.
  17. Hi, I have realised that my beta version on Android has been downgraded to the regular version. Has this happened with any other person? Thank you.
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