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  1. Oh, never thought of dragging the note, Thanks!!
  2. Hi - searched but didn't see anything -- any way to add a note to an existing table of contents without recreating the whole thing? Would it just be a copy note link into the existing TOC?
  3. Exactly. What's the title of the thread ?
  4. I don't need task management. I don't think you're telling me there's a way to have multiple to-do items in a note and from multiple notes also show up in one summary note. ??
  5. I'm suggesting a simple feature. You're suggesting a workflow that works for you. That's not why I'm posting here.
  6. Sorry, yes, NOTE One NOTE with a summary of all to do items.
  7. I'm suggesting a VERY SIMPLE approach to consolidating a summary to do list in one notebook. I'm in meetings. I take notes with actions. Many meetings during the day in different notebooks. What's the harm with those actions auto-populating in a separate TO DO notebook? This isn't project management. This is action management and follow up.
  8. But does that yield one list of the tasks or a list of notes containing the tasks that then have to be individually copied? Why not just have a running "to do" notebook that consolidates all tasks as a summary list - scheduled with reminders or otherwise?
  9. Hi - Would be great if I could have one master to do list that is automatically populated from individual note to-do items.. I would use a special character or key code or something to mark to do items form individual meeting notes (as I write or after) that then also show up in a master to do list that I can reference.. Saves having to go back through all sorts of notes to pick out the action items. Don't think I can do this today with Evernote.
  10. Hello, Any thoughts around adding a mind-mapping widget to evernote?
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