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  1. I think this idea would be great. I came here to suggest the same feature. I often have URLs and websites that I know that I need to get back to at a later date. Right now, I have to clip the page, then go to the Evernote app, sync it, and then add a Reminder date. It would be very useful to be able to set a Reminder date immediately within the Clipper extension. A lot of human activity today is on the web, and being able to remind yourself about websites, PDFs, and other materials, with the least friction possible, would be an excellent addition.
  2. It seems you haven't been following the thread properly, which makes your comment here quite useless. The issue has been that Evernote's built-in audio recording functionality only keeps recordings in crappy quality. As I wrote in the post you quoted, I'm using another recording application, and then attach those files to my notes. I was pointing out that Evernote should provide the ability to record high-quality audio (aka perfectly normal, adequate audio that doesn't sound like it's recorded from inside a toaster). We're paying for Gigabytes of syncronization, so let us be able to use it.
  3. I purchased Just Press Record and drag & drop audio files into Evernote on macOS when needed instead. I believe it's possible to share recordings to Evernote on iOS too. It supports aiff and m4a recordings. Don't know why Evernote insists on crappy audio. If I'm paying for several Gigabytes worth of Evernote sync each month, they should allow me to use what I'm paying for.
  4. I am still having problems with Chrome, and I am in fact using the latest version of the Evernote Clipper (6.11). I have my Chrome browser settings to accept all cookies from Evernote.com. I also have set the Clipper to remember me for 30 days after two-step authentication. I have however set Chrome not to store cookies from other sites, but I don't think that has anything to do with it since Evernote Clipper was working without having to log in constantly, prior to just a few weeks ago.
  5. Been having the same problem for a few weeks. MacOS Sierra with Google Chrome latest version. I have tried deleting the Evernote extension and reinstalling, and I've tried saving the cookie within the extension. Same problem.
  6. Evernote is the quintessential company with a decent product but crappy management. History is littered with loved companies that went down the drain because their management were out of touch with reality. Ever heard of Yahoo, or even Sierra On-Line? You better heed the warnings and wake up while you still have a chance.
  7. I removed the keybo-rd shortcuts from Preferences > Keybo-rd shortcuts, -nd now Evernote h-s decided to t-ke complete control over my A key, using it to create new notes with the letter a. I tried entering new keyboard shortcuts and I'm still having problems with the a key – now I have to paste a while listening to a ridiculous beep sound whenever I forget. I have also disabled the clipper in Chrome, but this seems to be global, and I cant find a way to disable the OS X Evernote Clipper – which is stupid because I NEVER use it. Evernote. Fix this IMMEDIATELY. I can't tell you how disgruntled I have become with your company since you decided to increase your prices – you are literally hours away from going into my trash can forever.
  8. @wideangledan Thanks for your script! It looks like it will be very useful with Soundflower which can reroute computer output audio to input audio, enabling one to capture audio snippets of video/audio files. However, when trying to run your script I get this error on the first line (it quits after the word "activate"): Syntax Error QuickTime Player got an error: AppleEvent handler failed. I copied your AppleScript code, but had to manually re-indent the code. I'm not sure if I broke something in doing so. I'm not sure, but it seems like the Automator debug stops at the line which says "set lastLength to duration of x" on run {input, parameters} tell application "QuickTime Player" activate set x to new audio recording start x delay 1 set lastLength to duration of x delay 1 set newLength to duration of x try repeat while lastLength is not equal to newLength delay 1 set lastLength to newLength set newLength to duration of x end repeat end try -- display alert name of document 1 set v to file of front document set audioNotePath to "/Users/me/Dropbox/Inbox/- Voice Memos" set thePath to POSIX path of audioNotePath set dateVariable to do shell script "date '+%m.%d.%y'" set timeVariable to do shell script "date +'%l.%M %p'" tell x to activate delay 1 tell application "System Events" keystroke "w" using {command down} delay 1 keystroke thePath delay 1 keystroke return delay 1 keystroke "AudioNote " keystroke dateVariable keystroke " " keystroke timeVariable delay 1 click pop up button "Format:" of group 1 of sheet 1 of window "Untitled" of application process "QuickTime Player" of application "System Events" delay 1 key code 125 delay 1 keystroke return delay 1 keystroke return delay 1 open thePath end tell return input end tell end run
  9. @JMichael: Thanks for your reply. Pardon my ignorance, but what is ENEX, exactly? Also, do you think that the way we have discussed here is the "best" way to back up Evernote, or are there some other backup options out there that I should consider? I would like to backup as much as possible - including notebooks/settings - not only the notes themselves.
  10. I want to backup Evernote (notes AND settings) as completely as possible. Can I backup this folder and restore from it somehow? /Users/me/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.EvernoteIf yes, what folders in this directory should I back up? It seems most note content is stored here: /Users/me/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.comIf I want to restore everything from backup, should I just copy/paste the folders onto these locations and then open Evernote.app?
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