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  1. Right now , we are still fix few bugs on iphone version. We are planning to release the Android as soon as possible
  2. Hi, i just made youtube video to explain more on Paper Bullet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW6kryXOXq4 thx, Edwin
  3. if you bought in-app purchases , you will get unlimited shortcut note list. free version only limit to 2 notes label a: "The time 1:30 was converted to sections." It should not change to section. Only change if ending with character : 1: change to section 1:30 are not thx, Edwin Bernadus Paper Bullet
  4. i will try create youtube video thank you for the suggestion thx, Edwin Paper Bullet Founder
  5. Paper Bullet will identify based on criteria note contains checkmark or tag Paperbullet i'm not good at explain the feature. thx for the critic. I will try create better post to explain this "How it works" page only show read note , add section and sync process. Actually the advantage is on the user experience on using the app. For example: - easier to move / swap checkmark row - complete counter - filter only show not complete checkmark only - add section - move complete items to bottom once again thank you for the suggestion. i will try to edit the page thx, Edwin Paper Bullet
  6. Hi evernote community, I want to introduce my app, Paper Bullet - Todo List For Evernote Actually this app is rebranding from previous version called Strikenote I made this app because I do not find app that fit my needs If you still looking todo list solution for evernote, visit my website http://www.paperbullet.in thx, Edwin
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