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  1. I really like the option to show notes in a notebook by tags. If I am able to show all notes this would be even more helpfull. Just found to see all notes.
  2. When I toggle off the formatting bar and I switch to another note I have to toggle it off again. Would be nice to keep the status until I change it. Would be nice if I could show the creation date of a note at the top of the note again. When I save a document in a note I change the creation date to the date of the document. When I have to open the information menu, it is a click more each time. Just found that there is an option "always show note editing toolbar". Turned it off. Now it works perfect.
  3. First impressions are quite nice. Just a little thing is that I don`t see the total number of my notes, only the number of notes in each notebook. Would be nice if I could see the total number of all notes again.
  4. OK. Thanks. Then I have have to see, what my problem is.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have contacted cronofy support allready, but have not get an answer yet. Reinstalling cronofy hadn´t helped either. I just wondered if it is a known problem or if it is just mine.
  6. Hallo Everbody, I am syncing my Evernote reminders with my Google calendar using cronofy from the Evernote App Center. Since two days I am havin sync problems. Even after deleting and reconnecting the cronofy account changes work only from Google to Evernote. Entries from Evernote to Google work only when the connection is first established. After that changes in remindernotes or new notes with reminders will not be changed or established in google. I tried it with an outlook account with the same problems. Is anybody else having the same problems or knows how to help? Thanks in advance
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