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  1. Thanks, gazumped. My emails are coming and going. It's taken over every email entry sent directly to me. It even goes back to emails that predate having installed Evernote on my previous computers. Anything in my Apple Mail program that was addressed to me now shows the "To" as Evernote Upload Evernote. Anything sent to me and others shows one of those recipients. It never shows my name in the "To" column. It's taken over both Gmail and iCloud mail. There are no changes in files in the Evernote program. I found in my Contacts program that an evernote email address was listed among several that I have. I deleted that reference. I can't find any profile or settings area in Evernote that might allow me to change a setting related to this. How do I uninstall Evernote other than delete? What happens to my notes in Evernote?
  2. Seems all of a sudden my AppleMail app lists most of my "To" emails as going to Evernote Upload Evernote. This is where I would normally expect to see my name in the "To" column for emails sent to me. Emails sent to others that I have been copied on or included in the list of receivers are not shown but any email sent direct to me shows up in the column view as to: Evernote Upload Evernote. How do I get back to seeing only my name listed there. I don't know what caused Evernote to move in on this program.
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