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  1. On 3/9/2017 at 10:30 PM, kvitekp said:

    I believe the issues you reported are fixed. Please check the next build and let us know if there are more server-side search issues. Thank you!

    Running it appears that in some cases, the trashed notes remain but then go away from the active notebook.  I think it is OK for now.  The feature now seems like in gmail where you get a few seconds to reconsider an action and undo it.  I like the UI wiht the 2 buttons at top right.

  2. 10 hours ago, eafpres said:

    I found a bug today.  Searches within a notebook returning delted notes  BTW, I like the feature showing the deleted status and restore button.  But I don't think the search shown should be retrieving them.  There are two in this search; the one at the bottom which is from another notebook

    This evening the odd deleted notes in search seemed OK, until I deleted some more notes, which then appear in notebook level search.  Perhaps there is some time limit?  If this is a feature, I'd like to understand it.

  3. 2 hours ago, eafpres said:

    @kveitkp:  I would welcome the chance to test another version.  Please note my response above, though.

    Thank you for the responsiveness on this--incredible support.

     For some reason, although the Windows client is returning mainly the correct results, there are 2 notes the search retrns there not in the web search.  One is in another notebook.  I think that may be an anomaly / legacy--i.e. something got corrupted and is stuck there.  However, Windows returns on valid result that web does not.  I'll continue to monitor and see if new items are handled correctly.  Thanks for this latest updat!


  4. 1 hour ago, kvitekp said:

    Could not repro this here: server side search (which is used when the search scope includes any partially synced notes) appears to correctly filter search results according to the currently selected notebooks and tags. Would it be possible to provide more details on how to reproduce the problem?

    Well, the two screen captures were the repro.  But here it is:

    1) Windows 10, running current (beta)

    2) Changed setting to use On-demand sync yesterday

    3) Previosuly backed up dB from Databases (i.e., eafpres.exb was moved) after logout

    4) Logged back in, cursory review looked OK

    5) Today, went to my notebook "aa-Work in Process"

    6) Ran an existing saved search: notebook:"aa-Work in Process" linkedin

    7) There are 7 notes in that notebook that match the search

    8) Search returns 1212 items from many different notebooks in my setup

    9) Search shows the scope is notebook:"aa-Work in Process"

    10) Manually entering same search gives same results

    12) Tried tags and they work--i.e. if I tag notes in aa-Work in Process, then use that tag as part of the search, it is limiting to notes with those tags


  5. I tried assigning a tag to everything in my "aa-Work in Process" folder, and using that tag in the searches, and that works.  So, it appears the notebook:"aa-Work in Process" is the part that's not working, even though it shows in the results that it is used to filter.  I believe this is a real bug but feel free to tell me a good workaround and I'll put my bottle of gin back in the liquor cabinet...

    FYI, I unchecked "Automatically select child tags" which had no effect on this issue.  The only tag item selected in the Options-->Navigation is "Close Tag Picker when selection is made"

  6. OK, I'm ready to go cry.  My saved searches return ridiculous results.  I have a lot of notes added by email to my default folder using external automation (IFTTT, Zapier, Google Alerts, automatic forward from gmail, etc.).  I then do a maintenance process on that folder every day, trashing stuff I don't want, reading or filing stuff I do want.  I use many saved searches for certain content types that I recieve.  Now, those searches seem to be returning notes from my entire set of saved notes.  Here is an eample search:


    The problem is:  only 7 of these are actually in the notebook "aa-Work in Process":


  7. 35 minutes ago, eafpres said:

    Thus, I think my use case is optimal for this change.  However, I also use my mobile devices a lot, and a few of the issues noted above are a concern regarding keeping things in sync, but I'll have to wait and see.  

    OK, found my first problem.  Search seems to ignore notebooks.  Search is returning items from all notebooks that match.  That is going to be a major headache. Update: this is not true:(It appears I can use tags to work around this. ) Need to go back and reread all of this to see if there is a solution regarding tag selection.

  8. 22 hours ago, EdH said:

    Have you considered using the On Demand sync? It sync's all note headers, but only the body when you select it. My database went from over 8GB to under 1GB and it is infintely more responsive. Not a single lock up like you describe since doing this. I've been fighting this for 4-5 years!

    You'll need to log off, delete your local DB copy, log in, set the setting and let it sync headers. 30min or less over regular internet connection since it won't sync note bodies.

    I had not absorbed that part of the update mentally, even though it was stated in the releae notes.  Thank you for pointing this out; I'm trying it and will report back.  I have done the log off, move dB, restart, log in sequence and as noted, the initial sync is fast.  So far no issues.  I do work offline occasionally, on airplanes, but otherwise 95% of my work is when connected.  Thus, I think my use case is optimal for this change.  However, I also use my mobile devices a lot, and a few of the issues noted above are a concern regarding keeping things in sync, but I'll have to wait and see.  Thank you again for pointing this out to me.

  9. I have been running the latest beta: (304452) Prerelease for a while now, and it is not any better.  I was excited because the release notes said they made some improvements for 32 bit systems, which sounded like they were attacking the issue, but I still get a fair amount of not responding, mainly due to disk I/O max out, but sometimes just not responding.  Seems similar to before; if I'm not in EN (BTW--I'm Windows 10 on Lenovo laptop) for a while, and jump in and edit something, then it works for a bit then suddenly locks up.  Also seems still sensitive to copy/paste and highight/delete.

  10. Another feature that would be an efficiency help.  For items I've gotten as feeds etc. directed to my EN account, while reviewing in the Windows client, many have links to the content.  It would be really nice if on right clicking gave an option in the popup to "open in background" or something like that.  In that way, I could go through a bunch of material, opeing things I want to dig into more deeply, without having to go back and forth over and over.  Now each clicked link jumps to the browser, and I have to click back to EN to continue.

  11. 3 hours ago, Donald23 said:

    Thanks once again mate, actually I use Windows, so I guess Applescript would be out of the question for me. :)
    I'm checking out IFTTT to EN, and think that might just work...
    Cheers mate!

    Hi Donald--just FYI Zapier is more powerful but more limited in the free version.  Zapier has the ability to modify the subject line in emails as well as perform some functions in Evernote directly.  If you can't get it to work with IFTTT  you might want to take a look.  I started on it with Zapier but have not had the time to get it to work yet.  If you do get it to work with IFTTT I'd love to get the recipe!

  12. On 12/16/2016 at 3:15 AM, Donald23 said:

    I'm hoping to be able to input my monthly and some annual bill into my Evernote, and then set recurring reminders.

    I would like Evernote to send me reminders a day or a week before my bills are due, so I can ready myself to pay

    Can this be done with Evernote currently?

    I already use the Evernote reminder tool, however to be best of my knowledge, it can't be used to set recurring reminders.

    Any feedback, support or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Warm rgds,


    Would you consider using a backend tool like IFTTT or Zapier with Evernote to accomplish what you want? I think it could be done. 

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  13. On 11/30/2016 at 9:52 AM, RobertG said:

    Same experience, on Chrome on Windows; also on Chromebook.  (FF running in Linux on Chromebook doesn't seem to have problem).  The problem seems connected to having multiple tabs open.  If I copy the address and open in a new window, clipper almost always works (but even then may need a reload or two).

    I have found another workaround that seems to work with Chrome.  Right click the tab and select "duplicate".  Clip on the new tab.  So far that works every time for me.

  14. 1 hour ago, RobertG said:

    The problem seems connected to having multiple tabs open.  If I copy the address and open in a new window, clipper almost always works (but even then may need a reload or two).

    Hey Robert--see my repro steps earlier in this thread.  Definitely somehow related to multiple tabs.  Unfortunately for me, I usually work with 20ish tabs open all the time...

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