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  1. 2 hours ago, rezecib said:


    There is a completely redone web client coming. It's already rolled out for Evernote Business, and should be following for personal users just like Spaces. It's much more fully-featured than the current web client, with UI that very closely matches the Mac client.

    There doesn't seem to be any announcement of it, but I asked specifically if I could acknowledge its existence.

    Hey, that is cool news. Totally turned my frown upside down!  Thank you for the info. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, jefito said:

     see semi regular updates on Windows and Android, but not so much on the web client. Makes me wonder what's going on there...

    Good observations.  Around the last major CEO change in 2015 the talk of IPO had gone quiet.  Here's a couple of negative articles from that time.  I can't find any definitive IPO plans since then.  My guess is they are shopping for a buyer.  Our luck it will be Microsoft.



    By the way, a couple-ish years ago they launched a Windows platform that took away almost all features.  The uproar caused them to roll it back.  Since then lots of tweaks but unclear on Windows direction.  The web version seems pretty stable as a bare bones platform that facilitates cross-device/cross OS use, that's about it.  I rarely use it as it is so under-functioned compared to the Windows client.

    And, since I'm grousing, I'm still waiting for the dreaded "Not Responding" to get fixed--promised for years.  My guess is I'll get a new computer with pure SSD and "fix" the problem before EN does, but I can still hope.

  3. Two issues, both old but one was fixed, has returned, other is annoying:

    1) When using a saved search, the message "Found notes with ...l" keeps appearing and disappearing which causes the list to jump up and down, sometimes rapidly.  This is not related to any particular search.  It has been in every version I can remember.  As my frustration level slowly grows with Evernote, I thought I should report this.5a98557838eb7_20180301ENissue.thumb.jpg.d911353b77747eef3cf481a3204d161a.jpg

    2) Clipped notes using EN Windows clipper in Chrome appear empty, but going to info, history, current version the content is there.  However, sometimes importing the history gives a note that is still empty.  The note has correct content when viewed on the web, so it is there, but the Windows platform is causing this.  I thought this was fixed but am seeing it frequently in

  4. On 2/24/2018 at 7:21 PM, tavor said:

    Twice I've experienced a situation where note content from note A is replicated in note B, and the original contents of note B are gone. First time was with either v6.7 or 6.8 (general release, not beta), and the second time was with v 6.9 (general release version). This was not a result of me copying/pasting from note A to note B. I only noticed that it happened because I sort my notes by most recently updated and while I was working with the most recent notes, I noticed that note B was altered.

    In both situations, I was able to recover the original contents of note B from other devices that hadn't yet synced. I reported the first instance, but since the note content was not something I wanted to turn over to EN support, this didn't go anywhere.

    I've been using EN daily for the past 4 years, and these two instances (both of which have occurred very recently) are the first time I've seen unintentional data loss. 

    Figured I'd raise the issue here and see if anyone else has noticed this. I do run a fair number of macros via hotkeys, so it's possible that it's a result of a macro gone wrong (though I don't see the EN window and note manipulation I'd expect if one of my macros was performing this copy/overwrite).

    I reported this in August 2017.  I thought it was fixed.  Here is what I found was causing it then:

    The situation is that something in the iOS app on my iPhone/iPad replaces the note content with contents of another note.  These are then synced so when I look in Windows or web the note is corrupted.  The work around is to view history--it appears every case so far the original note is in history, so I can get them back that way.

  5. A suggested change--it is in this beta but has been there all along; figured posting here might increase chance of someone seeing it :).

    When you use Note -> Share Note -> Send a copy, the last email address used is populated in the To line.  This is dangerous; it would make much more sense to either leave it blank, or populate it with the sender of the note (if there is one--that would be ~like "reply").

  6. Re: behavior reported by evb of "new user info".

    I’m seeing the same behavior in the English version. What’s odd is I didn’t update the software. Must be a config thing but how did it change without my doing anything?

    It began at the same time as my previously reported issue that the navigation pane now collapses on its own constantly.

    Makes me a bit concerned that something can change like this without installing an update.

    If I exit EN and then restart, the message header appears.  If I close it, and use the "X" to close the EN window, then reopen, the message does not appear.  Unclicking "Show Helper Notifications" does not fix it (suggested in the main forum, already confirmed not to work by evb.).

  7. 46 minutes ago, lisec said:

    The irony is that you can only get support for a  release, not a beta.  


    I have actually opened tickets on betas, with the goal and outcome being they communicate with development.  The reasons I have done this are mainly when this forum is silent on my reported issues.  In general, when I see an issue w/a beta my main concern is to (a) get someone else to confirm it, and (b) ensure development is aware.

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  8. On 12/26/2017 at 11:26 AM, eafpres said:

    This has been happening to me using the beta 2.  I had the problem before, then it seemingly cleared up, and now it is back.

    I have been seeing crashes nearly every few minutes with 6.9 beta 2.  Sometimes it just vanishes while not being accessed, other times while doing things (like: copy/paste, delete notes, file notes, etc.).  I'm considering going back to beta 1 or 6.8 GA it is affecting me so much.

  9. 1 hour ago, chirmer said:

    This doesn't work for me. I'm literally unable to get PDFs out of Evernote, because even exporting attachments does not export every attachment from the selected notes. I'm getting pretty desperate at this point. Hundreds of stranded PDFs.


    I'm unclear on your use model, but for me I can open Evernote PDFs in my default PDF app, and I can save Evernote PDFs as well.  I don't use export but "open" and "save as" etc.  Not sure if it matters but I use Foxit for PDF editing, vs. Adobe.

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