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  1. @gazumped & @cshilling Thanks for the input; I'm going to hold off on a ticket to see how it behaves today and if I can provide a repeatable crash scenario. I'm aware that without something repeatable, bug fixes usually won't happen.
  2. I am having frequent crash issues in Windows 8.1 since a couple days ago. I'm unsure if it is precisely correlated to installing (275519) Public, but seeing the comments above I realize that might well be it. Unfortunately for those of us using Windows, at least for Windows 8.1 there were a bunch of updates in the past week which may also have created some issue. You can see some related discussion on this in another thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79525-evernote-crashes-in-latest-releases-of-several-clients/page-2 If anyone finds a solution or workaround I'd love to know. In my case, I get the "Not Responding" thing when doing operations in the Windows 8.1 application. I have seen it mainly when trying to copy/paste between notes, but that is not definitive as a cause. So far, closing the Windows app (say "yes" when it warns you), canceling the attempt by Windows to "resolve the issue" then restarting the app (from a pinned icon in the Windows 8.1 task bar--I only use Desktop mode) it comes right back, and my last operation is complete. Takes about 15 seconds. Definitely a PIA but is the best approach I have so far. Considering opening a ticket (I'm premium) based on advice in the other thread, but want to see a more repeatable scenario otherwise I expect I will be told to reinstall.
  3. I am running Windows 8.1 with all updates as of 20150513. I use Evernote Windows (275519) Public. Beginning yesterday the Windows application stops "Not responding" every few minutes (I have been working in Evernote almost exclusively of late). Closing the application (X in the upper right of the window), canceling Windows attempt to "resolve the problem" then just reopening (from icon pinned on taskbar) brings it back, most of the time with whatever my last change was. This is a real time-waster (which of course is a big reason I'm using Evernote---to be more efficient!) but more impactful to me is that I lose continuity of what I was trying to do when it crashed. I'm using Evernote doing a lot of web clipping, tagging and organizing, storing PDFs, etc. The crashes occur not on clipping, annotating, etc. but usually on a copy/paste, move, etc. operation in the application. Is there any Known Problem that explains this? I don't really want to randomly reinstall etc. (considering Evernote updated just recently, so that should be somewhat of a refresh) although I realize that is a "go to" recommendation (not just for Evernote). Iv'e had sporadic issues off and on, but nothing this bad. I'll be grateful of any assistance. I really like Evernote (I'm a relatively new user). Thanks for the platform. I like a lot of the features but if things remain this unstable I might have to look at Microsoft OneNote or other option. Thanks again for any assistance.
  4. I'm a recent new user of Evernote in Windows 8.1 and I wanted to thank Rydlum for docclipper. I have a lot of content stored as Word documents and although I have a premium membership, I want to see the content in one place, Evernote, so just attachments, although searchable, are not quite what I want. Docclipper handles this nicely. Thanks again.
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