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  1. I realize this will sound like duplication of the notebook name.  However, I would find it useful if if I could define one or more tags that would automatically be applied when something is put into a notebook.  There are various potential benefits of this.  One is a system I use (suggested in this stream:https://discussion.evernote.com/discover/59/) is to create a tag for each notebook (such as, if the notebook is named "A", create a tag "a-A".  These tags then allow filtering out or in a notebook in a search (something not possible in Evernote search).  There could be other benefits in terms of increasing the quality of your tagging which ultimately means better searching and filtering.

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  2. I'm filing a support request, but figured I should update this thread too.


    I am getting fully stuck "Not Responding" crashes several to many times a day.  Only fix is close, tell Windows to bug off, then restart.  Usually comes back with either the thing it got stuck on finished; however if not, there is noting lost. So this is not a data integrity thing, it is a horrible waste of time thing.


    My system:


    Windows 10
    Lenovo Y50
    Evernote (276152) Public
    I've just applied a registry hack setting the SearchAsYouType delay in the registry to 0; I had done so in Windows 8.1 and it seemed to help; found just not it was not 0 after Windows 10 update so I changed it.  But in truth I have not been able to narrow down what causes it to crash in Windows 10.  
  3. Hi folks--another update.  Windows 10 update has been applied to my machine a week ago today.  I'm still getting "not responding" but most of the time if I wait ~20 seconds it comes back.  Generally I would day it works great with windows 10.  However, I have had one lockup I had to close and restart as noted in my earlier posts. 


    I am running Public not the beta release. 


    At this time, I think it is virtually impossible for me to link it to something.  Previously I found it was strongly correlated to the feature that shows search results as  you type.  I disabled that feature (I think using something from another user--hard to remember) and it seemed more stable.

  4. I  figure I owe an update.  Over the last 2 weeks, there have been a couple of Windows updates, and like most of them you don't know what is in them unless you dig deep into the specific release notes; in the update application they almost always say something generic.  Anyway, things seem to be more stable.  However, I had a hardware issue on my computer (the hinge froze on the left hinge of my Lenovo, and when I opened it up it basically exploded sending plastic and screws all over.  But, that is another issue...) and have been running exclusively on the Web version for the last week.  Therefore, I'll wait until i'm back in the desktop client and update again.

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  5. I wanted to update in case Evernote product management is possibly reviewing these discussions.


    As I noted earlier, I'm relatively new to Evernote.  Thus, I started out with the Windows desktop client and the latest beta of Evernote Web.  This is a great example of not knowing what you are missing.  I was limping along with the beta, but as noted I have been forced to operate ONLY in the web version for over a week now, due to computer issues.


    I reverted back to the previous release of Evernote.  Frankly, I'm stunned.  The previous version is EXACTLY what I want.  Now I'm worried what Evernote will release.  I'm really at a loss as to what to say.  I think there are many similar comments, to the effect that the beta appears to be designed for mobile/small screen.  However, the current iPhone app is better then the beta web release.  I have seen this kind of thing before--the Microsoft rollout of Windows 8.  That created a backlash; they updated to 8.1 so you could start to desktop, and I have painstakingly figured out all the work-arounds to make Windows 8.1 as close to Windows 7 as possible.


    Anyway, I cannot believe Evernote is considering pushing anything like the beta to release.

  6. I am relatively new to Evernote.  I have Premium.  Most of the time I work in the desktop application in Windows 8.1.  That is very good.  My use model for the web version is if I cannot access my normal laptop.


    For the past week I have used Evernote Web in Chrome exclusively.  This is because my normal computer had a hardware issue and is away being repaired.  Here are some thoughts:


    1) It is a huge plus that everything I synced on the other computer is here in the web app.  Actually a lifesaver; Evernote has already become so integral to my daily work I would grid to a stop without it.

    2) For the most part the beta Web app is OK; my main functions are clipping content I'm researching into notes.  Since that is really based on the web clipper, there has been no change in user experience in that regard.

    3) I have run into a major snag with the multi-select not working.  My main use model for that is to add tags to multiple items.  I also sometimes move multiple items.  It is crippling to have to do everything note by note.

    4) I have many feeds and alerts coming into Evernote.  That is all working fine in the web beta.

    5) So far, I cannot find a way to change the layout like I can in the desktop version.  There are several annoying behaviors in the way it works in the beta.

        i) One issue is that when I'm in a notebook, and I select a note in the left list of notes, if I do something like delete the note, the list reverts back to the top of the list but the note selected is the one after the one I just deleted.  So, I then have to scroll down and find my place.

        ii) Another issue is the way that it behaves you select a notebook, but only when you select a note do you get the left list view.  I don't know why that doesn't just come up automatically.


    Question for the folks here--if I revert to the old version, can I easily come back to beta later?

  7. I am running Windows 8.1 with all updates as of 20150513.  I use Evernote Windows (275519) Public.


    Beginning yesterday the Windows application stops "Not responding" every few minutes (I have been working in Evernote almost exclusively of late).  Closing the application (X in the upper right of the window), canceling Windows attempt to "resolve the problem" then just reopening (from icon pinned on taskbar) brings it back, most of the time with whatever my last change was.  


    This is a real time-waster (which of course is a big reason I'm using Evernote---to be more efficient!) but more impactful to me is that I lose continuity of what I was trying to do when it crashed.  I'm using Evernote doing a lot of web clipping, tagging and organizing, storing PDFs, etc.  The crashes occur not on clipping, annotating, etc. but usually on a copy/paste, move, etc. operation in the application.


    Is there any Known Problem that explains this?  I don't really want to randomly reinstall etc. (considering Evernote updated just recently, so that should be somewhat of a refresh) although I realize that is a "go to" recommendation (not just for Evernote).


    Iv'e had sporadic issues off and on, but nothing this bad.  I'll be grateful of any assistance.  I really like Evernote (I'm a relatively new user).  Thanks for the platform.  I like a lot of the features but if things remain this unstable I might have to look at Microsoft OneNote or other option.


    Thanks again for any assistance.

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