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  1. Could you add a link to the vote directly. There are 1000+ ideas and searching is tedious when you do not know the phrase to search. We must have this basic functionality in EN. To have tables and not being able to sort is not good enough. Please assist
  2. Hi, Thanks for a great product. I need to build a presentation that sort of expands the note line by line on the same page. So in my note I have a headline followed by several sub-lines. These sub-lines must appear one after the other and then expanding the page but keeping them together on the same page. example: Note: (Line1) Summer holiday 2016 (Line2) Greece (Line3) Germany (Line4) France So I want to see the presentation as keeping all the lines on ONE page but they must appear one after the other (after pressing space or whatever): Line1 (press a key) Line2 (press a key) etc etc So the end result on the same page is: Summer holiday 2016 Greece Germany France I could not find anything on the blogs or help. I understand how to use the presentation editor to control the page-breaks but fail to find a way to "build" up the presentation page line by line after pressing a key. Hope you understand and can help. Thanks
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